Classes and Events!

Private Events and Classes
I teach private classes in people's homes as well as teaching low charge church/non-profit group classes. Teaching is how I support my family, so I can't usually do classes totally free of charge to your group, but I am very reasonable in price. I am happy to help in any way that I can for your upcoming group classes for community involvement.  I'm willing to travel in the future. Questions? Comments? Requests? Get in touch. Contact Now

Arizona Class Locations are stores that are willing to have me come teach in their show-rooms. 

July and August Classes
 Shar's Kitchen Center

1130 N. Gilbert Rd. Suite 1
Gilbert AZ, 85234
*All classes at Shar's must pre-register and pre-pay. Shar's classes and samples are very generous! Shar's is also the location where I have my bakery orders for pick-up on Saturdays. Thanks Shar's!

In-home Ice cream parlor
Friday, July 25th 7 pm $15
Chef Tess will be teaching the basic chemistry for great ice cream and sharing some remarkably delicious and healthy versions of some of her favorites. Plus, creative homemade ice cream cones!

Classic Summer Cream Cakes
Friday, Aug 1st 7pm  $15
Chef Tess will be teaching fluffy mousse and fresh fruit filled cakes including strawberry white chocolate and a banana split cake that will blow your mind! She'll also be covering some basic cake decorating skills.

Ice cream sandwiches of Glory!
Friday, Aug 8th 7 pm  $15
Summer desserts couldn't get any easier or more delicious! Chef will be teaching how to make soft-baked beautiful cookies and perfect ice cream to go inside of them! Plus some great ideas for making them kid-friendly during the last dog-days of summer break!

Downtown Abby Pastry Party
Friday Aug 15th 7pm $15
It's time to play with the ladies and get some great face-time with grown-ups! With the kids back in school, how about some classic foods from the popular Downtown Abby series with a chef who will make it fun?! Costumes are optional, but laughing is required!

Crepes Shoot!
Friday Aug. 22nd 7pm $15
Delicate crepes are just a thin French pancake but chef is teaching you how to fill them many different ways and the simplest possible way to make them! You'll love the flavors and the easy way to keep these lovely delicious beauties!

Oh Yeah Do-ssant!
Friday, Aug 29th 7 pm $15
Back by popular demand! The delicate doughnut made with croissant dough! Chef will be drizzling them with different chocolates, topping them and filling them with gourmet flair! You won't want to miss this!

July and August at

 Honeyville Farms 

33 South 56th Street
Chandler, AZ 85226


Homemade Ice Cream
Thurs. July 24th 11 AM
Summertime is killer...but Ice cream will save you! Chef Tess is here with the basic recipes for ice cream and the science behind this frozen confection! You'll love this class! $5 a person. 

Chef Tess Herb and Spice Alchemy 
Sat. July 26th at 2 PM
Learn how herbs and spices work together in flavor profiles as well as culinary medical uses. Chef Tess will turn three identical salads into 3 totally different flavor profiles. Come hungry! $5 a person.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls
Sat. Aug 2nd  2pm
Probably one of the most difficult skills to master in gluten-free baking is the technique for cinnamon rolls. Chef Tess has mastered not only how to make them perfectly, but how to make them taste like the cinnamon rolls you gave up to be gluten-free! Cost is $5 a person.

Meals in a Jar: Family Classics
Sat. Aug. 9th 11 am
School is back in session and Chef Tess has some great solutions for family dinners and single-serving lunches that will rock! Come and taste some of the classics as well as some new family favorites! Plus some desserts from the book!
 Cost is $5 a person. 

Indian Fry-Bread Tacos
Tuesday Aug. 12 11 am
Taco Tuesday! Fry bread is a classic here in Arizona. Come and taste some amazing tacos and get all the great tips and techniques for making this native dish. Cost is $5 a person. 

Egg-streme makeover
Sat. Aug. 16th 11 am
Ever wondered the difference between dehydrated eggs, egg crystals and freeze-dried eggs? Chef Tess will share some amazing dishes and give you the chance to taste the differences. $5 a person. 
Chef's Knife Skills 101
Thurs. Aug. 21st 11 am
Chef Tess will start with the basics of chopping and end with Edible arrangements & embellishing party trays! This is a great class for anyone who has ever wanted to see how chef's make all those fancy cuts! Cost is $5 a person. 

Home Canning 101
Sat. Aug 23 at 11 am
What is water bath canning? When do you pressure can? How do you know what is safe? Chef Tess will be here going through the basics of home canning and all the safety you need to feel confident in your home preserving. Cost is $5 a person.

 Grain Surgery
Sat. Aug 30 11 am
What is amaranth? How do you cook quinoa? Is there gluten in rye? Chef Tess will not only answer all your question on grain but also give you a chance to taste some fabulous dishes made from amazing Honeyville grains! $5 a person

Preparing Wisely

144 s. Mesa Drive Suite G
Mesa Az 85210

Preparing Wisely carries my books and spices and I teach ONE class monthly at their store location. This is the only store where I teach classes that are FREE to the Public. 

Meals in a Jar: Family Classics and Personal Sized Meals
Tuesday Aug. 26th at 6 PM
Come taste some family classics for back to school and learn how to pack the meals in personal sized containers for travel, school, or work. This is a great introduction to shelf-stable homemade freeze-dried meals. 

For details visit their website.  If you're looking for a great location to get your food storage needs filled, these guys are amazing!  Details about the store can be found at! Xoxo!

I teach private classes in people's homes as well as teaching low charge church/non-profit group classes. I am happy to help in any way that I can for your upcoming group classes for community involvement. I'm willing to travel in the future. Please let me know your location and we'll see what we can do! Please contact me directly ( for specific questions.