Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Linen Loaf

This painted loaf looks like good linen.
I could put it under my giant coco head and have sweet dreams for years to come.
Recently I had a few ask if I would share my secrets to this crazy decorating. I want to do so. I won't share my exact recipe perhaps, but give some hints to help. I am a mom trying to make extra income through teaching. Then again, I am reminded that not everyone can paint their bread like this...even with a recipe. Let me think on that. It will have to come later.
In the meantime I hope you will keep coming back to see my latest creations! Your love and support mean so much!


Amy said...

Awesome picture.

It reminds me of Christmas Eve. I was in charge of bringing the rolls. I put them in a bowl lined with some cloth.

Into the meal, my brother-in-law said they tasted like hairspray or perfume. "Wrong. I don't wear either." He was tasting Gain Apple Mango Tango. I thought it lent a nice floral touch.

*Note to self: don't use clean, fresh linen to wrap the bread in next time.

Chef Tess said...

Pfhaaa! Holy cow! That is AWESOME!! Note to self: get unscented laundry soap for bread liners... (Thanks for the laugh!)