Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Solar Oven & My Global Warming...

This is a Global Sun Oven.
Global Warming goes baker.
I use it for a lot of my baking and cooking in the Arizona sun.
It really has nothing to do with heat, so much as sunlight.
Case in point, these ovens are used at the base camps of Mt. Everest.
It is plenty cold there!

Inside it looks very similar to a regular oven.
It has a temperature gauge and a glass door.


It also has these really nifty metal panels to collect sunlight. I love it! I feel like an astronaut baker. See, it's my 2001 Space Odyssey obsession, applied to baking. This is Hal. Pretty scary. Elvis would be proud. Especially when I wear my sequin lined sunglasses to remove the loaf pans. (For the youngies, 2001 is the music played to introduce Elvis at his concerts...)

The glass pane folds down and encloses the chamber. The reflective panels direct the sunlight to the oven, and the temperature raises enough to bake my breads, rolls, roasts, root vegetables, casseroles...really anything I could bake in the oven. So let the festivities begin. I will be adding a lot of information on baking with a solar oven. Because I am just cool enough to do it! Someday I will have a bakery with 50 of these bad boys! In Arizona, I can bake at least 360 days a year that way! You may have less luck in Canada. The other crazy thing, when it isn't sunny enough, I can still heat water to boiling, put it in a covered pot with my rice or grain and cover it with a blanket in my oven. 30 minutes later, my rice is cooked! Not bad on only the energy it took to boil the water!

More information can be found at:
I don't sell them.


Anonymous said...

Excellent detailed notes/pics of your solar oven. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

hey tess i really want to get a sun oven and i have herd that the global sun ovens leave your food tasting plasticy. does it do that?

Chef Tess said...

I have been baking with a global sun oven for over 6 years and never had anything taste plasticy. Ever. Xoxo. They're amazing ovens.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. you are so inspiring. and you have been so helpful. i am trying so let all of my friends and family know about your blog so we can all be better prepared:)