Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Janelle's Hamburger Soup

Tonight we had a good dinner for a bunch of sick-o, psycho, stuffy head fever boys. My goodness, why is it that when mom is sick that she still isn't lumped into the mix of sick people? Because, insane in the head and stuffy head are two different things I guess...

At any rate, we had this awesome tomato hamburger soup...but with fake hamburger vegetable protein stuff.
I thought it looked really pretty for something so satisfying.

I had to post this because it was just what we needed tonight! I had a house full of sick people and the soup was perfect. Thank you Janelle for a wonderful recipe that hit the spot!

http://janellescookbook.blogspot.com/ recipe by Janelle Openshaw

Hamburger Soup
1 lb hamburger
¼ c rice (uncooked)
1 c chopped onion
5 c water
1 tsp beef bullion
1 c diced potato
4 tsp salt ( I use seasoning salt)
1 c carrots
¼ tsp basil
1 c chopped/shredded cabbage
¼ tsp thyme
1 c chopped celery
1 bay leaf
2 or 3 cans stewed tomatoes - depending on how much tomato you like.(I like to zap the tomatoes in the blender to break them up into smaller bits, then my children won't complain about the tomato chunks but we can still get the full flavor :)

Brown together hamburger & onion. Drain off fat and put in large soup pot. Add remaining ingredients, bring to a boil, then simmer till done. Serves 10

Steph note: we used meatless burger stuff, but do what you want! Thanks again Janelle


Janelle said...

So glad you enjoyed the soup! I have a few more soup recipes that I will be posting soon. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better! :)

Chef Tess said...

Janelle, all your recipes so far have been great! Keep it coming! I think everyone should try the apple sour cream pie. Oh my heart. Thanks again!