Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Roses and Retro...

This is a decorative bread I made...but was so good I decided we needed to eat it. Okay. That's not true. Actually it was just bread day anyway but in order to NOT go insane I got out my paints. Any artists with me on that? I must create, or someone will die!!...or something totally dramatic. I opted for roses. Totally classic.Then I remembered that it was like 1950 around here with all this bread just laying out on crisp clean checkerboard covered dish clothes...so I added some ric-rack and pol-ka-dots...Tell me, Mrs. Cleaver would be so proud. Dang I am proud!

What was Mrs. Cleaver's name anyway? Was it June?...hmmm.

Enjoy this anyway!


Amy said...

Which bread recipe is that? And why do you slice the top? I'm sure there's an important reason...so tell me so I can copy you.

Chef Tess said...

It's the bare bones bread recipe under "Are you afraid of Germs"...basic bread recipe in the index. I slice the top so that the bread releases gas evenly in the oven and raises nicely. My oven is old and it doesn't heat evenly so I have to rotate the bread half way through and slash the top so it looks pretty. Same concept as when sewing and you have to cut the fabric at the curves in order for it not to pucker. I'm just cutting the bread at the seam so it stays smooth.