Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes and Shasta...Random Thoughts

Someday he won't mind being in a picture with such a gorgeous blond! Everyone, meet Shasta. The coolest kindergarten teacher I know. Yea. She pretty much rocks.

These are the Fuzzy chocolate rum cupcakes...isn't it pretty in my kitchen? Though if these were men I would insist on them shaving!

My youngest son, Face, has a birthday coming up. Today they are celebrating it at school. I adore his kindergarten teacher. Shasta. She matches her name too. Like the soda pop. Sweet and bubbly. Really young and smart as a whip. Loving. Thoughtful. We have been blessed to have her instruct both our children. So, it comes as no surprise that she also loves chocolate. All smart people love chocolate (beautiful , amazing, loving, generous, outstandingly modest...heee hee). Chocolate...I love it. See?!

At any rate, today I get to take these little chocolate cupcake love bombs to school. I admit I don't want to see them leave my house. Just like my kids (most days). Alas, they must go, or I will eat them all. Yes. ALL. So farewell my dears. It's off to the munchkin village for me...and my little dog too. Don't you wish you were coming with me?

Oh, and a special thanks to Shasta! Keep up the amazing work! We are so glad you are in our lives!


Emily Ruth said...

Awesome! I grew up with Shasta and can vouch for your opinion of her: )

Chef Tess said...

Emily, that is amazing! What a small world full of wonderful people! I love your blog BTW! So fun!

Amy said...

got a recipe?

Chef Tess said...

Well, I hate to disappoint, but these where a mix. Yup. I broke down and after a few weeks of pneumonia and needing to make a snack for school, used a mix. Luke didn't care. It was homemade chocolate rum frosting. So, they still tasted awesome.