Monday, February 2, 2009

My Bear Buns Are Cute. Really Cute.

I'm not obscene. This is about as close to anything off color as I will get. Blame my mom. She started this. When I was growing up, every year she would make these for Valentines day and give them away to friends and family. Only she would ask, "Do you want butter or jam on your bear buns?" I guess the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. Thank goodness! I wouldn't have it any other way! I made these today to take to my kids at school and surprise them at lunch. Hopefully I won't get sent to the Principal's office.

Does anyone else want cute bear buns too? Start with the basic bread recipe. I happened to use the Overnight Started Bread for this one. Once the dough has gone through all the mixing and raising, and is ready to shape into loaves or rolls, get your buns together by first working out the dough.

I used half for a regular loaf of bread, and the other half for rolls. I only made six. So, with the dough, I divided it into 3 balls. 2 I divided into 3 each so I got six rolls. Does that make sense. I wasn't very good at math.

Roll the six balls into buns and place on a stoneware pan, lightly covered with cornmeal.

The remaining ball, I divided in half. One half I used for 12 ears. Look how random this picture is of little dough blobs on my counter. Very sheik. I know.

Those 12 little blobs became bear ears. Like rabbit feet. Lucky.

The other six, became the snout. Snooty dough balls.

Then I added raisins for eyes and a nose.

I lightly mist them with water and allow them to raise. It took a little over an hour before I could really poke their eyes out...or IN... I should say.

It's a wonder they can even see with those little raisin eyes anyway. What am I saying? I think I have been spending way too much random mommy time!

I then mist them again with a little more water.
Hose them down so they don't misbehave. Crazy Kung Fu bears.
Sprinkle them with a little more cornmeal and some poppy seeds...

Ohhh my gosh! Sooo cute!
Cute. Cute. Cute. I admit it. I am now part of the subculture of cute stay at home mom's who does a food blog...with cute stuff. Oh cute. If I didn't think I would puke from my own cuteness, I'd say cute again. AArrrrgh! I've done it now!

How can I help it?!
Oh yeah, bake 350 degrees 30-35 minutes. When cool pose them with a fluffy white stuffed a toy panda (because that is what the cute subculture of insane mom food bloggers would do).

I think they taste cute too.

There you go.
I can't wait to get to the school!

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Goob said...

great. I didn't feel like baking bread tonight, and now Gabe and Lily are BEGGING for bearbuns...grrrr