Friday, February 13, 2009

Painted Braided Purse Bread with Raisins

This is a decorative bread made of a standard white French bread dough. I used white flour. Nobody panic. I've said it before, I usually do whole grain, but sometimes I deviate. It's not going to end the world.

I also painted it. Mmmm. Looks like a hippie purse huh? I was really running low on tassels. Dang it. It goes with my bell bottoms though. Actually I don't own bell bottoms.
So, this is how the dough started. As a standard shaped loaf.

I put my rolling pin, half way up the loaf and flattened half of it.

There were some random poppy seeds on my counter top. Sorry you have to see that on my bread.

Right about this battery died on my camera. I almost cried. Traditional Provençal-style Bread is folded over at this point and raised from there. Suffice it to say, I cut it into 8 strips and braided them. Then folded it over the top like a purse. My battery charged enough to take these pictures...

Transferred to a stoneware baking pan. Studded with raisins.

Raised 1 hour and baked 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Painted and ready to eat.

Pretty cool, huh? There you go!


Marylois said...

I know how to braid with 6 strands but not sure how to braid with 8. Could you do a tutorial on that one? When your battery is charged of course ;~)

Chef Tess said...

I think I shall do a great many tutorials on decorative bread! The 8 strand is very similar to the 6! I know that if you can do that it won't be a problem. I look forward to seeing you back here Marylois! Thank you!

Marylois said...

Lisa Villont tipped me off about your blog. I love making bread and my family loves eating it. Our favorite is sourdough baguettes so fresh from the oven we can only break them in pieces and eat them with butter running all over our fingers.

Chef Tess said...

Oh my goodness! Yes! Yes! Yes! You are a kindred spirit! Sourdough is one of my all time loves/addictions! Lisa made some of the apple sourdough last night. We where both up really late baking and happened to be on face book. I was so excited to hear her trying new things. She said it was really good. I'll see you again soon then...:)!