Friday, February 27, 2009

Sourdough Waffles

When I was much younger, had anyone ever told me I would frequently make
sourdough pancakes , I would have laughed painfully hard and started... snorting. Not at all lady like. Then I probably would have giggled really small Elmo from Sesame Street "tee hee's" for a few hours afterward. It's a good thing I'm not on Sesame Street. I'd have a hoot with those fuzzy little guys, especially the Swedish chef...although I think he was with the Muppet Show. I digress. I don't laugh like that anymore (at least at the idea of sourdough pancakes or waffles).

A couple of people have asked for my sourdough waffle recipe. So, here it its : sourdough pancakes . For the waffles, I omitted the orange zest time. I also added 1 T of cinnamon. Other than that, it is the exact same recipe. If you want to do whole grain wheat. Remember to use soft wheat if you grind your own flour. Did you miss that one? :Flour making day...flour power. If you don't grind your own flour...use a whole grain cake flour, you will have much fluffier pancakes. All purpose will work, just be sure not to over mix.

I could have just said "use the sourdough pancake recipe for waffles as well as pancakes", and not done the pictures. I was hoping however that the leaning tower of waffles would inspire.

Toaster waffles: Once these are made and cooled, they can be laid out on a sheet pan lined with plastic wrap and frozen. Transfer the frozen waffles to a gallon size freezer bag, and there it is. Toaster waffles for really cheap! Healthy. Made with love. Yipeee!

IHOP has nothing on these bad boys, right?!

There you go.

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Marylois said...

sourdough waffles are the best!