Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomatoes Blanched in the Sun Oven

I can't even see the ceiling of the greenhouse any more...and I am getting really excited about the growth of the tomato vines. Look at these beautiful little love bombs. I just gasp with joy seeing them glisten in the sunlight! Hooray for organic tomatoes! For those just joining me, I have been working at a local organic tomato farm learning a little bit more about the natural food world.( Organic Tomato Farming) This has by and far been one of my favorite experiences with food. I don't know if it's just the calming hummm of the greenhouse fans or the gentle tug the plants have on my soul but I adore it! It's like having a few hours a day in the garden of Eden and my father back next to me. Heavenly paradise. Look at this non-forbidden fruit.
I have some serious fun with tomatoes. One of my least favorite projects is taking mass amounts of skin off the little lovelies though. Up until recently when I discovered the power of the sun to help this process. I love how convenient my Solar Oven is at blanching mass amounts of tomatoes.

I put the pristine clean tomatoes in a heat resistant dark pot in my solar oven. Close the lid and let them bake for 1 hour.

The natural heat of the sun bursts the skins and then I can easily peel them. It's a beautiful thing. Hello gallons and gallons of homemade salsa and chile sauce.

There you go! Have fun with peaches, apricots, tomatoes and any fruit you normally have to blanch. Love the sun! Love it!!

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