Monday, June 29, 2009

Homemade bubbles

We're continuing our kids kitchen crafts with a great way to save money and still have some fun. How much money does it cost to buy bubbles for everyone? I love making bubbles with my kids. You can make a huge amount of bubbles for less than the cost of one bottle of dish soap. Plus...the kids get to make their own bubble wands. Who wouldn't like that? Make them any shape or color you wish. Most important...make memories!

Adapted from : “Kitchen Krafts,” Friend, Aug 1998, 19 by Ruth Harmon
Make Your Own Bubbles
(Note: Do this activity outdoors. In the Arizona heat we make them in the bathtub.)
2/3 cup good quality liquid dish washing detergent
4 cups water
large container (for dipping the straw frame)
pipe cleaners
plastic drinking straws 7 3/4″ (19.7 cm) long

1. In a bowl (I use a quart mason jar...but I am just 1950's enough to have those just laying around the house), mix the dish washing detergent with the water and pour into the container.
Get your pipe cleaners and straws out.
2. Thread the pipe cleaners through each straw and tie both ends and twist tied, making a square with a handle out of the pipe cleaner.

3. Take your wand and put it into the solution. As you slowly take it out, a film will form on the frame. Hold your arms out in front of you and slowly blow. The air will force the film off and make bubbles. The bubble will form a sphere and drift away. (usually these bubble wands only make one or two bubbles at a time).
This was mentioned this morning on the Fox 10 azam segment, but we ran out of time for recipe. For more kids activities, check out this link:
There you go.


Shari said...

If you put a couple of drops of glyserine(sp?) in it will make the bubbles mure substantial and hold together longer. Just a little FYI.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We made your homemade bubbles with apple soap. Yummy smelling too! Thanks! Keep the fun coming..