Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chop Chop Watermelon Pops

After creating in the kitchen, I played basketball with my boys. Thank goodness y'all don't have video of my amazing skills on the court. Gasp. I actually use the word "amazing" as a positive substitute for the words"totally uncoordinated in every way". I'm just saying that the I'm not in line for any draft picks. I am however feeling pretty freaking awesome for being willing to get out there and play. My boys don't know that I'm not Shaq. I am incandescently happy we had these little bad-boy frozen watermelon pops waiting when we got home.

Frozen watermelon on a stick. Need I say more. Yea. Like I could possibly leave it at that many words. When I was a banquet chef I had to cut a lot of fruit for massive artistic displays and junk. I learned a really cool way of getting the whole rind off the watermelon. See how it's done? Lob off the ends first, then cut off the sides, just past the white of the rind. It will save so much time you cut the melon.
I used chop-chop sticks for the sticks(that's fancy talk for cheap chop sticks). I love them for two reasons. I had them on hand already and they where really cheap at our local discount store. They also had this semi-pointed end so they went right into the melon with very little effort. Don't let your kids run with chop sticks okay? They're not so pointed that they will get cut, but watch the pointed end doesn't end up someones nose. I put the giant wedges on a silicone mat on a sheet pan, and then in the freezer. Easy stuff right? After freezin' about an hour they where like heaven. Perfect for this wicked hot summer in the middle of the dessert. Sometimes I think my albino self will literally burst into flame. It's a very insecure feeling. Why do I live here?...Oye.

Oh yea, I live here so that I can have frozen fruit pops. I'm trying this with pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew. Try the watermelon. Happy creating with the kids!

There you go.

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Goob said...

those beat my ghetto pudding pops by a yard! I should have taken a picture, they were hilarious. I literally stuck a plastic fork through the top of a jello pudding cup and stuck it in the freezer. But, though uber-tacky, it was a delicious, fat-free, creamy treat on an insanely hot day.