Monday, October 26, 2009

Crazy Cub Fundraiser Dinner

I am in debt to a lot of scout leaders who have been working with Little Man along the way. This is Joe, Little Man's new Weblos leader teaching him a little more about presenting the colors. Little Man did a wonderful job, thanks mostly to Joe for making sure he knew exactly what to say and how to do it. Scouting is amazing. It teaches leadership and respect. I have recently accepted the challenge of becoming a Cub Master. Not really sure I know what I am doing yet, but excited to see Little Man get even more excited about the scout program. All scout programs take money. Obviously. So this last weekend we had our annual fundraiser dinner. We planned to feed 150 people. Church Spaghetti and meatballs will never be the same.
Since it was for Little Man, I thought it highly appropriate that he help in any way possible. This of course included spending the day with me in the kitchen...chopping and chopping. 13 heads of lettuce...
Ironically, he didn't seem to mind using a large knife.
Should I be afraid? He helped slice 19 loaves of bread. Oh...for the record, no, my bread isn't so tough it needs to be sliced with power tools. It was just faster.
Banquet size garlic and herb butter:

5 lbs butter, softened
1 cup basil infused oil
1/4 cup minced garlic
1T each: minced Rosemary, Oregano, Italian Parsley
2T ground fennel
2 T sea salt
2T crushed black pepper


Until smooth.

Butter one side of the bread and use the butter as a "glue" to put the loaf back together.
Our Bear Den Assistant was the chief bread butter-er. Is "butter-er" a word? Anyway, she did a lot of it. No complaints.
Once the evil slathering of butter and joy is nestled between the slices of tender sourdough, wrap them up. We heated ours at 200 degrees for the last hour before dinner service began. It makes for a very happy bunch of scouts.
Ace ate meat. Just for the record he can't stop when it comes to homemade meatballs. We had 25 lbs of these bad boys. 10 gallons of homemade marinara...

20 lbs of spaghetti...cooked to perfection and seasoned well with my all purpose seasoning along with basil oil.
Meatballs are evil. Molten chunks of herbs and spice floating in a sauce of tomatoes and love. Ahhh.
The good news? We earned enough money for all of our scouts to go to day camp this summer. Thank the Lord for his goodness and mercy. Scouting rocks!

There you go.


Kathy said...

Little man is lucky. Not everyone has a professional chef cooking for their fundraisers. :D
Great idea about buttering the bread and putting it back together. I would've tried to travel with a bunch of cookie sheets with bread layed out on them. LOL

mlebagley said...

How many loaves of sourdough did the butter cover? This looks like it was an exciting evening for the boys! You do know how much more scout camp is going to mean to them since they had to work so hard to earn it, right? Way to go! And... how many loaves?

Chef Tess said...

19 loaves of sourdough. Yes...I think they will certainly appreciate their camp more since they had to work for it. Isn't that how life is? Have a dream...go through a struggle to get it...enjoy the victory. Can't enjoy a victory without the work in between.