Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Cussin' Granny's Buttermilk Custard Tart

I'm pretty sure Granny comes from a totally different generation than I do. The one with a different kitchen towels for every day of the week embroidered with the day's labor. Case in point...she's of the stock that does wash on Monday...every Monday. Iron on Tuesday...every single time. Baking only on Saturday would kill me. She also washes and puts up her hair in rollers. I'm just saying...who does that? Putting up my hair in rollers would make me a prime candidate for alien mind control. Those metal bad boys are sure to pick up radio waves clear from Savanna, Georgia! Radio waves or mind always lingers on the buttermilk custard tart. Always. For those who don't know, I live with my Mother in Law (Cussin' Granny). Random Thoughts...Hospice Chick-a-dee of Glory .

Cussin' Granny does a lot more than she should. I first I thought it odd to have someone who saw the necessity to iron every shirt in the house. On the other hand... I have never looked more tidy. She has brought a whole new level of neat-o-ness to my frilly blouse collection. She insists it is something she enjoys and feels it her way of contributing to the family. I almost feel guilty coming home from a hectic morning and seeing piles of clean folded laundry on my bed. Perhaps she thinks it's a small thing...but it is in fact, epic to me. Such a labor of love.
She also washes dishes. For a small fee, I can drop her off at your house. Just kidding. I wouldn't part with her for anything.

I must also report that Granny does make a pretty mean buttermilk custard. She admits freely that she doesn't like to cook. There are a handful of dishes she makes that she considers good. If she never cooked again, it wouldn't effect her core creative being. I would probably fall into a very dramatic heap of self pity should that scenario fall upon me. So it's nice when we have a common ground dish. In all honesty, buttermilk custard has a special place in my heart. I've loved it since the first moment my pink glossed lips had the privilege of making it's acquaintance. It was the first Thanksgiving I ever spent with Ace's family. It's a creamy custard that's slightly tart with mild hints of vanilla and nutmeg. Granny...this one's for you my friend. Today we made it into a tart using the new tart pan (hint hint...Tart Week...Tart Pan and Cooking Class Giveaway! )You may want to make this one part of your life.
Granny keeps her recipe collection in a tidy little box on top of the fridge.
Yea, a recipe box like this...totally vintage. It fits me so much it's almost scary.
Aaaa! Someone save me! Mrs. Brady left her recipe box here! If I start wanting to wear bell bottom pant and sing cheesy songs while waving my thumbs...again (it has been known to happen)...shoot me. Bury this recipe box with me. I love it eternally.
Remember yesterday? Vaguely? I know. It was pretty evil.

Mango Frangipane Tart with Spiced Pomegranate Mola... The recipe and directions for the crust of the tart are there. If you make the buttermilk custard, you will need somewhere to put it. Follow them up to the part where you have baked the crust for 20 minutes.

Face helped with almost all the pie and tart baking today. That's saying a lot for a 6 year old. Or could it be the sugar coated rubber spatulas are the main hypnotic draw?

Great Granny's Buttermilk Custard Tart
1 prepared tart shell (see yesterday's post above for the detailed instructions for that...)
1 cup sugar
2T flour
2 cups buttermilk
3 eggs (whisked)
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tsp pure vanilla
dash of nutmeg

Combine the sugar and flour in a medium mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
Really beat them well. Rocket science right?
Pour into the partially baked 10 inch tart shell.
Bake 350 degrees, until a knife inserted into the custard comes out clean (about 35 minutes).
When it's done baking, I take a butterfly spatula and place it flush to the top of the tart and sprinkle with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spices. This custard is also epic topped with fresh fruit. Serve warm or cold. Be sure to refrigerate.

There you go. A Petersen tradition. Forever.

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Heather Hunt said...

Thanks for a great post. I can so relate to this one. I adored my beloved Momo and I have her recipes and miss her desperately. She even gave me some of my grandfather's grandmother's recipe books from the 1920's...amazing. Thanks for a post down memory lane!