Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Auntie Em's Caramel Sticky buns with lemon infused cream cheese and apple filling

Earlier today I posted Auntie Em's freezer to oven caramel stick buns filled with cream cheese. I thought I would add my own twist on the recipe. Just to add a new level of horribly deliciousness to your already amazing life.

Add 1T fresh lemon zest and one chopped Johnathan apple to the filling.

Instead of using chopped nuts, place 10 whole pecans right on top of the caramel topping.
Raise and bake as usual. Yes...you will need to see the post from earlier today.
Yes. I know it's even more evil than humanly possible. Try not to lick the computer screen.
It's this caramel and cream that really pushes me over the edge.

Brace yourself.

Caramel creamy goodness in every last bite.

There you go.


mlebagley said...

Mmmm...I am salivating as I type. Drool, hitting the keypad. I might just short the thing out! Great pictures...I can almost smell the caramel...with the apples I bet it tastes like a caramel apple, with the addition of tender, sweet dough and....mmmmm. Drool dripping again....

Sassy said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MY STINKIN' STARS!!!!!! I can't lick my new computer screen because it is now a touch screen and I may break it...........those look de-lish I want to make those.....HOLY HANNAH!!!!! YUMMY!!!