Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fox 10's Latest with Chef Tess

Homemade "Cracker Jacks"
(Cracker Jacks is a registered tm of Frito Lay and this recipe is not affiliated with Frito Lay, but my interpretation of the flavors present in that product.)

Homemade Hard Candy Lollies

Pizza Muffin Bites
As is always the case, a great deal of people are sweet enough to visit my humble blog shortly following my zany visits to Fox 10's studio. Smooches and welcome to you! I hope you will find joy, love, peace, and cooking worthy of your return to this crazy corner of cyberspace. I know I for one am very happy here. I have ideas for the beginning cooks all the way up to the advanced tutorials. There will probably be something to fit your needs.
Usually a few hours after the segment, I make it home to post the video here on the blog. In the meantime if you would like to look at the recipes and ideas I have for entertaining kids in the kitchen, feel free to go to the kids blog for parents and caregivers that we have just started: http://bakeroose.blogspot.com
or here on Chef Tess Bakeress, we have a kids cooking section with a good bundle of ideas:

Until I'm back from the studio...toodles!
There you go.

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