Thursday, April 1, 2010

Braided star loaf with Roses and Easter Eggettes

Braided star loaves are intertwined strands of bread that are braided in the shape of a star. This bread will be one of the featured loaves in my Decorative bread seminar in Salt Lake City coming up June 26th.
Once you see it done, you will be amazed how much detail this loaf really covers. Each braid, like I say, is linked to the next braid.

I will also be covering some decorative dough for baked bread goods that is edible ands adds another level of complexity to your work.
Combined with the painted bread technique it will be a class worth every penny. More details to come but the classes are listed on the Orson H. Gygi culinary institute website. feel free to check it out and sign up if you will be in the area.

Easter Eggettes are baguettes that are in the shape of eggs stuck together end to end. Once baked and painted they look really funky cool.

Rock on!

There you go. Some amazing ideas for Easter, along with a teaser for the upcoming classes.

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