Sunday, June 13, 2010

Solar Bakeroose

Alternative cooking methods are alive and well here with our Bakeroose! We had a wonderful cooking class this last week with the kids.
Home baked bread and rolls...

Baked by the sun in three solar ovens!

The Bakeroose got together for some basics in solar baking and some fun hamburger patty making. We think it's wonderful to cook with the sun. Arizona is the perfect place for it...and the kids get a real appreciation for the natural resources we have. Hopefully we're raising a whole new generation of earth friendly kiddos.

For hamburgers, we added half of a large chopped onion that the kids chopped. Mixed it into 3 pounds of hamburger along with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Some of the girls didn't like touching the meat. Two jumped right in along with Little Man and his friend Q.
Dolphin Girl played Flipper and grilled the burgers while the buns baked.

We had so much fun making these mini burgers and learning some basics on how to cook with the sun.
The mini hamburger buns are made of the 5 day bread dough . This dough is great because it's good in the fridge for five days. You can make the dough Monday and use a portion everyday for whatever you are making. Bread, pizza, bread name it.

When the hamburgers and buns where ready, we started in.
Get a Global solar oven here: Preparing Wisely . Special Thanks to Troy and Tracey Adair for the use of their personal and store floor model sun ovens we used in the making of this class. It was so fun!

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