Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweet Potatoes from Outer Space...Random thoughts

The second week of April we planted some sweet potato starts in our garden.
They started out like this.

I'm amazed by the sweet potatoes. I'm easily entertained most days anyway, but especially with our newest adventure. It's a new experience for me. My Master Gardener Father told me I needed to sprout them out of the ground first in a cup with a little water. We used to poke avocado seeds with toothpicks and precariously dangle their lower extremities in the water to help them sprout when I was a kid. We'd do the same thing with the lobbed off sprouting ends of carrots. I always loved having those carrot heads all lined up in the window with sticks impaling them. It's morbid if you think of it. However, I never actually realized that I would be doing alien torture experiments with the sweet potatoes. They sprouted really well in about a week. We cut them in chunks around the sprouts and put them in the ground...right where we had just harvested our first potatoes. I have to say...they have set up base camp and are now doing some really crazy stuff. They are making tendrils and sprouting out like an alien invasion. On the plus side...they are making sweet potatoes. I'm totally cooking up the alien spawn as long as it's edible. Yup...spawn away little E.T. nuggets.

When you are finished...I'm totally ripping you out of the ground and using your egg-like seed for my own Evil Think Tank experimentation. Yes...graphic sweet potato mutilation to follow.

That's all I have to say about that.


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Are you going to eat the leaves as greens? I haven't tried that yet.