Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls...Bread of Life

Sunday is my day to share a little piece of my soul. Enjoy.

Sweet baby Jellybean was born with Spina Bifida. Ace was so sad to hear the news, he couldn't look at the pictures. He's a tender hearted guy. It was hard to see all the skin while other babies are covered in warm blankets. Even harder to see her unable to be held. least by human hands. It's hard to get angel's hands caught on tape.

I have been friends with Jellybean's mom, Shellee, since High School. She's seen me without make up. Yeah...a real friend indeed. I remember being afraid to bring Shellee to my house as a teenager because she lived in the nicest home I had ever seen. She's always been one of my best encourager. Always supportive. Always willing to cheer me on. Several months ago Shellee announced that her new addition AKA "Jellybean" would be born with Spina Bifida. Shellee was hopeful that it wouldn't be too severe. Right about that time, I went on Fox 10 to do a cooking segment on "Storking the Freezer" for expectant moms. Shellee's only request...Cinnamon Rolls. It wasn't a pregnancy craving. It was a deep emotional need. "Steph...I want some of those when I have Jellybean."

Well...Jellybean was born just over a week ago. She had a spinal surgery and is doing remarkably well. Today I finally got to make good on my word and take the cinnamon rolls to my friend. This is officially called a Jellybean roll. The icing is totally Shellee with vanilla bean and everything. Ironically...this wasn't the "icing" for me.

This was.

Yup. She's well enough to be held by "Auntie Tess". You know what that means? Once again, I have seen a miracle. Today in the hospital NICU sitting next to an old friend, I got to hold a tiny little miracle. It was...incredible. Miracles always are. Even more miraculous for mom and dad...not having Tess hold her.

Shellee's post: Thank you Steph...

Well now I feel loved.


Shellee said...

You made the man and me cry. Everyone that's held or touched her has felt a connection with her.
Thanks for the rolls.
I wrote about you on my page.
Love you!!!

Mama Peck said...

So precious! Thank you for sharing a picture of that sweet little miracle with us- it lightened my heart on a challenging morning. Surely 'God's in His heaven, All's right with the world.' :)

Heather Hunt said...

As usual, someone else has managed to make me realize that whatever my issue of the moment might be, GOD is bigger and stronger and can take care. If he can do this, then he can solve the piddly things that really do not matter.

Shellee said...

Olivia seems to fit her better now. People still call her Jellybean, but she's our beautiful little Olivia.
She's talking now and terrorizing the house - she's all over the place!
Olivia got her leg braces yesterday, so we and the therapist are getting her started walking and standing slowly but surely. The braces came with the cutest pink running shoes ever. All she talks about now are her pretty pink shoes. Olivia says "Dad - I need shoes!" (among other things)

We love her. She's getting along fantastically - better than we ever expected.