Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Planting Season Begins

Mr. Putt-Putt likes to read this vintage magazine. He putt-putt himself out of his moss-green chair with much sweet-ol'-guy effort to bring me this cover page. He thought this gal looked just like me when I was in the garden. Oh dear tender Mr. Putt-Putt...I really do need to have the doctor check his medication. The perk to doing hospice care...constant reminders that I am "still a whipper-snapper." I don't think I've ever looked like that in the garden. I won't be posting the real shots of my sweat drenched forehead.

Fall planting has started here! We have a wonderful growing season that most of the colder states up north don't get to appreciate. I'm cool with it. I love year round gardening. I think I do anyway. This is still the grand adventure of actually doing one on my own without the advantage of a live-in Master Gardener. Thanks Dad. I miss you everyday. One thing I did this season was start with some Easy Seed Tapes I learned about from The Veggie Gardener's website. I've found it to be a very cool resource if you need one. Even if you just want to put wet toilet paper full of seeds in your garden it's a good resource.

If you want to print the UofA Extension office pdf on what to grow right now, it's rather helpful.

Needless to say, we have some little sweethearts coming into view.

Hooray for Fall! Now why do I cheer to see seedlings come into view? Oh gosh darn, perhaps that wonderful and amazing reminder that all is well in the world if we can still make a new beginning somewhere. It may be just a garden to some folks, but to me, it's a living reminder that all things are possible...and I will always need to learn and grow. No pun intended.
There you go.


aswesow said...

Wow. Here we have to be satisfied with A growing season, and this year there is some debate whether we got it or not. Some are seeding winter wheat tho...but it just lays dormant under the snow all winter.
TP with seed on it? Could happen with so many of us interested in Chia seed now! Thats not a pretty picture.

Julie Q. said...

Love that picture. I used to think I wanted to be a gardener. But really I wanted to just look like a gardener. But I don't have the right hat.