Sunday, September 5, 2010

Art is Food...Bread of Life Section

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.

I have discovered that I love to take pictures. Duh. Have you seen my blog? It is something that I think brings me to a better consciousness of life. I love to see things the Lord has made and the elements created in new ways. I've never had any professional training with a camera, though I may do so someday. I just know that this blog has been one of the best things I've ever decided to do in terms of stretching myself and learning new skills. The ability to create something is, I believe, a great human need. I for one, don't know how I would exist if I didn't have time everyday to express my creative heart. So, it is in that spirit I wish to share a few of my favorite photo art pieces. A few are brain teasers, but for the most part each one speaks volumes into who I am.

Can you tell what you are seeing? What is it that captured my imagination enough to capture these moments on film? You may be surprised.

A few of them will take a while to figure out. Others, not so long. If you can tell what they are, I'll be impressed. My husband Ace could only figure out two or three. The bread may be a dead giveaway. The rest, not so easy to decipher.
This one below has special spiritual and emotional significance.

There you go.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious... will we ever get the answers??? =)

Chef Tess said...


1--a popcorn rock. Reminding me that beauty can come from even a little vinegar on a rock.
2--Homemade noodles. Reminding me of an afternoon when everything else in my life seemed chaotic, there was order and beauty in an hour or two with my son.
3--Chocolate and cherry sauce on pancakes symbolic of how simple it is to make simple things special.
4--Sugar on a gingersnap. Everything in my childhood in shimmering beauty and the embodiment of all the memories I have of my grandmother.
5--Greased Baguette pan. Reminding me of all the hours of life that my words can be like the grease that release joy into other's worlds.
6--Sunflower loaf--reminding me to create joy and beauty out of even the everyday simple bread dough.
7--One moment in time frozen. My son put this toy in a cup of water in the freezer and I was reminded that though I may not always hold my children in my arms, they will be forever in my heart...and that for all the times I cried myself to sleep, I finally had evidence that I had children.
8--Bread...filled with cheese. So many levels of joy are hidden.
9--Pesto rolls. From small and simple things, great things come to pass. Even in a dinner roll.
10--Cherries between freezer rolls...remembering to look deep for wonderful treasures in life.
11-- Spice on a layer of butter. Just getting ready to roll into cinnamon rolls.Reminding me that it may be something small to add a smile or a gift to someone Else's day...but it can roll into something amazing for them and myself.
12--Corn Flake Crumbs on casserole. Warm comforting home life.
13--Chocolate peanut butter frosting. My words can either make the cake sweet and wonderful...or ruin it forever.
14--Sesame seeds. Symbol of warmth and diversity.
15--Pot roast cooked with a solar oven. Reminding me to use my resources wisely and take things slowly.
16--Mashed sweet potatoes. After weeks of looking for an organic sweet potato, I found some and consider it a Tender Mercy of God. One of the many He gives me every day to add flavor and joy to my life. So simple...yet received with great happiness.
17--Fire roasted peel off a green chile. Reminding me that the fires of adversity often are least understood by the person receiving the trial...and yet it is those fires that make us most desirable and useful to God.

All the answers. Enjoy.

Chef Tess said...
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Chef Tess said...
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Shellee said...

I don't care, they all look delicious to me!