Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is it Just Me?

I got so giddy seeing this label today on a new product. Y'all know I'm totally all about all natural stuff.

But...this is saaaaweeeeet!
It ranks right up there with this one...

Is it just me?


mlebagley said...

Soooo funny! The sad part is that some people will actually buy the stuff :)

Jennie M. said...

Where did you find this?! I did a google search and could only find articles written by people that have really old versions from the original production used as advertising.

I think it would be such a fun thing to have as a decoration in the kitchen. The bernard website has a page about it but you can't order it from them. I know it's sad that I'm willing to pay for a can of air, but it's just too cute to pass up!

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!

Chef Tess said...

Jennie, I actually took this picture at our Preparing Wisely store here in Arizona...I'll have to ask the owner where he found it.

mlebagley said...

I showed this to my son and we laughed and laughed. THEN when we were at Walmart down the dehydrated food section he started looking for it! I had to explain to him that it really was a joke and he probably wouldn't find it down the aisle at Walmart. Sure someone would sue over that one. I think he just thought some idiot was making a lot of money off of empty cans and this was REAL! Ahh, to have a straight laced literal thinker in the family .