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Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner Blog Hop Week # 1-- How to Make Crystal Ice Centerpieces

It starts here. This is the first week of a series of blog entries that will be featured nationally on the Scan Your Heart Out Blog Hop with Kathy Peterson . It will begin on January 6th, 2011 and continue every Thursday until February 3rd, 2011.

How it works: I, along with 6 other creative designers will create 6 clever projects for 6 weeks using the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner! The best part is the makers of the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner will be giving away a scanner a week to a reader! Please register for a chance to win your own Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner by leaving a comment Here. I want everyone to have one of these.

Meet the The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner Scan Your Heart Out design Team:

Kathy Peterson is a Design Expert, Best Selling Author, TV corespondent on LIFETIME TV,
Product Developer/Licensor and Master Gardener.
Linda Peterson is a wonderful multi-talented designer of jewelry and mixed media projects!
Chef Stephanie Petersen baker, food display artist, and cooking instructor.
Christy Tomlinsonis a fabulous paper and mixed media artist and more!
Amy Andersonis a delightfully talented decoupage queen, knitter and loves to sew!
Melissa Langer is a fun and energetic pug artist. Her art is all about crocheting and painting pugs!
Pat Sloan is a very talented designer and quilting expert!

Shall we get started then?
Yesterday was our Fifteenth wedding anniversary. Yikes. That's a big one for me. I guess because I remember being frumpy teenager and thinking, "I'll never get married..."as if that was a bad thing. Now I realize that at age fifteen I had no concept of what life and marriage really involved. I've been told that the traditional celebration gift for the big "one-five" crystal. I'm not super traditional in a lot of areas. I don't think I'd even have a clue what to do with real crystal...and two very insane boys living in my house. Modern replacement (That doesn't help.) Either way, I was inspired by the whole sentimental affair. It seemed perfectly fitting to make a illuminated crystal ice centerpiece for our anniversary dinner. Fancy as that's actually something my 7 year old could do. Don't worry. I'll take you on a little tutorial.

With the base of ornate ediblepainted bread, it stands about 3 feet tall in the center of the table.
It's a nice dramatic piece to add to a buffet or to use on several tables at a reception. It works with almost anything in the ice. There are a few exceptions to this of course. Hand animals...

Before we get started, it's always good to read the story behind the scenes of Our Crazy Anniversary . It's a perfectly sappy love story.

Now. The Centerpiece of glory, laud and honor. (Pause for effect). Now...
Have you ever done something and then a week later realize how totally lame it was? I won't lie...I've been wrong. This is one of those dork-fest things I wish I could take back. Who in the freakishness actually glues the last copy of their wedding invitation to a scrap book? At the time it seemed nice... Until I realized I might have children and grand children who would like to see it...or at least the picture inside. One copy?! Really?! My kids fight over the last Life-saver in the roll...I'm not seeing this end well. Ironically I mounted the invitation right next to the rings. You know what that means? Not able to scan it on my regular computer scanner. Lame.
Oh the humanity of crazy glue. Fifteen years later I'm still rolling my eyes in total disturbance.

The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner was awesome for this. Unlike my regular computer scanner that takes a long time to load one picture at a time...I was able to scan 100plus pictures in a few minutes. It was amazing! In the middle of the night without perfect lighting like I have to do with my was perfect for the spy-like ninja operation I was taking in hand.
There it is folks. Right from our invitation. Sigh. No more fighting over Life-Savers...or pictures of mom and dad.

I also used Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner to scan some of the finer details of my wedding dress. The dress that my husband used to proposed marriage to me when buying it at an antique store. He got a tear in his eye when he handed me that glorious gown from the 1920's. It's an epic dress. I'm not cutting it up into tiny nuggets of lace to put in a centerpiece. I'm wearing it when they bury me at the end of my life. I love it. the meantime, details must be preserved. I'm talking about the hand stitched satin roses with pearl centers.
I loved playing with this photo until it looked like a post card...or wedding wrapping paper.

The delicate ivory lace that cascaded from the waist... original color and every timeless detail.

The ka-zillion buttons that I had to sew on. When Ace bought the dress, it was, 4 sizes too I had to tailor it a bit...and completely re-do the bodice. Did women in the 1920's not ever have booozaaams? Smugglin' lug nuts? It's shameful to even mention...ya know what...I'm going to stop right there. I digress. So. On track again. My grand babies need to see the buttons right?

Once all the details were scanned, it was time to print and press the images onto white fabric for the picture not to bleed. I tried it several different ways and so far, this was the only one that didn't end with my wedding dress images smeared purple after freezing in a block of ice. Regular photo paper would work I suppose, but I also wanted to put a light in the middle of the ice so that it would shine through or image. Picky, picky. Amen for fabric though. It was just the ticket. Did I just say "it was just the ticket"? Who says that anymore? I like this stuff. Be sure it's the print and press or that it says "washable" on the package. I read quite a few labels before I found what I wanted.

All the instructions for this part of the project are in the package. Usually runs about 8$.

It took me about half an hour to iron everything. That may be the most ironing I've done in the last fifteen years. Sorry Ace. One of my other many flaws is that I'm not so big on the ironing of the shirts. We do own an iron though. How odd.
Cut out the pictures. If you need help understanding this may be reading the wrong blog. Just saying...simple is good.
It was very cool to have a pile of treasured pictures to pick from.

I used a half gallon flat sided plastic container. In the past, I've used clean empty paper milk cartons, plastic ice cream jugs (emptied of all the contents of course). I've also used flat loaf pans...2 liter pop bottles (cut off the spout part first)...any container that has straight sides that will allow a giant ice cube to fall out of it later are perfect. I find a clear glass jar that comes within 2 inches or less of the outside bowl. This not only allows the water to freeze faster, but also gives a great location for a battery powered votive candle or light inside the ice to illuminate the final project. Slide the photo as close to the edge of the outside as possible. The closer it is, the better the final image is to see through the ice.

I lined 4 pictures along the outside of the jar and then filled in the remainder with crystals, and floral that were the same colors that we used at my reception a zillion years ago. Give or take a few years.
Fill with water about an inch below the rim. It won't cover all the details complete, but it should get pretty close. Once the ice is frozen you can add more water to cover the remaining details and freeze again...or leave a few little sweet nothings sticking out of the top. Your choice. I find that silk flowers are 100% more forgiving on this subject. Fresh will work wonderfully if you can keep them at the bottom of the water until it's frozen.
Oh. Here's another secret. To keep the glass jar from floating out of the water until it freezes, I stuff a few tangerines or oranges in the jar. Just something heavy to hold the jar down until the ice is set. The crazy oranges come right out when it's frozen. They did do that final scene from Titanic to their friends who dropped to the depths of the freezing water though. Tragic really.

There were a couple of years early in my teens when my love life felt exactly like this picture...but about me. So...put the boy in the freezer for a while. I mean...freeze solid. It takes about 12 hours for a half gallon size one. Plan for a good chunk of time here. You don't want a half frozen ice block. Unless you're making a slushy punch for the reception. In that case, please take all the pretty pictures out. I just don't see that going over very well. Again...Titanic. Just saying. Goodbye Jack. Here's an odd thing (don't look at me like that...I'm perfectly normal). Once the ice is frozen, the glass usually slips right out. Strange but true. I didn't even have to use my giant girlie-baker muscles to dislodge this bad-boy jar. Be impressed. Please. Please?

Now you have this ice the one Luke Skywalker was dragged into and hung upside down in by the horrible snow beast. That was scary. This one is pretty. (I cock my head to the side and say "pretty" like a 5 year old girl. Yes...I am weird that way.)

Return the ice to the freezer. Do it. If you forget and you start working on other'll cry later. I'm serious. It's like a housewarming gift for an ice castle huh?

The good thing with this centerpiece is that I can make it a really long time ahead. It won't get freezer that I've ever actually sucked on a giant ice cube full of floral. I prefer the fruity ones. So, when the event shows up, I put a base of my crown loaf using the edible paint I use for my painted bread or it would be easy to use another one of myDecorative loaves. I think this is a much nicer touch than a basket of rolls in the middle of the table. Don't you? It's edible bread art. Ooooh. Ahhhh.

This loaf had an open center.

I made a slit in the back side of the loaf to allow the base of the tiered bowl to slip into it.

We can do this right? Replace the bread like a puzzle. Stuff a few flowers in there. Er...delicately arrange some fluffy nice accent there...

Now, I wanted this sculpture to light up from th inside.
These run about 3$ and last 7 hours. Perfect...the ice will melt long before the lights go out.
Make sure it is not a "keychain" light that has to be pressed down in order to stay on. I'd hate for you to have one finger in the sculpture while trying to eat dinner. These are very liberating little guys.
At the bottom of the scuplture, they also light up the bowl and shine on the bread. Head cock..."pretty".
Like when Luke Skywalker got his light saber...but without cutting off arms and heads and junk.
Now isn't that a vision of happiness?

With second tier on top... and a second light inside the ice cave on that one as well.

Repeat after me (in heavy French accent) "It's time to commence wiz zaaa wooooing." (that's "the wooing" for you who don't speak goofball.

In all seriousness however, we've worked really hard on our marriage to get this far. It's not ever going to be perfect...but it's perfect for me. I'm so grateful my sweet husband asked me to be his wife all those years ago.

Smooches Ace. I love you forever and ever...which is longer than this ice will last.

There you go. Make an ice-tastic centerpiece.

Now...if you liked this blog post, hop on over to the other designers who are using the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner on Kathy Petersen's design team for the next 5 weeks! I've been so blessed to be part of this group.
Thanks again Kathy!


Kathy Peterson said...

Wow! you are absolutely amazing. Thanks for joining me on the blog hop. Love ya Kathy Peterson

Michelle said...

Wow Tess,
That's really different. You are so creative. Stop by and say hi sometime.
Love your blog.

Kathy said...

Thats awesome!! Love it! and that scanner!

Laine said...

How cute your center piece is. Happy Anniversary by the way. I will have to try making one of these - maybe for one of our birthdays. This would be a fun thing at Christmas at my folks too. Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration.

Archie and Melissa said...

what a wonderfully creative and delicious project you created!
i absolutely love it and cannot wait to make my own!

:) melissa

The Scrapbooking Queen said...

Okay I first love your story about the one wedding invite glue into your album...I am picturing lifesaver fights and of course holding your finger down while trying to eat...LOL
I really love your centerpiece it came out adorable and congrats on 15years that pretty awesome too..
The Scrapbooking Queen

{VICKI} said...

Love it!

Mary said...

Ice sculpture for your 50th, how nice. Hope I make it that far married. I Love that you scanned the the details of your wedding dress.

Annette Allen said...

wow love all of the ideas that you have to offer. That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing. The Plip-Pal is awesome

Grandma September said...

This is absolutely beautiful and you are a hilarious writer. I LOVED discovering you on the blog hop. . . so need one of those scanners. SO need one. sigh.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Wowzers...what a project!!!! It is stunning!

PatSloan said...

HOLY COW are you a clever chick! I sent this one onto my 'mother of the bride' friend!!

So excited to be on this blog hop with you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, thank you for sharing.

Noreen said...

Wow! Don't pick some boring, common place craft to make - go for spectacular! Totally creative and wonderful!

christy tomlinson said...

I love this as well! What a unique way to use the scanner! love it! Can't wait to see what you do next week!

bairdmtn said...

Love the ice sculpture! Gonna have to get a Flip Pal!

catnap said...

You've introduced me to some amazing things I've never seen before. Such a sweet, sentimental project. Thanks.

Becky Moore said...

That is amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Sojourner Design said...

Cool. Just plain cool. Actually, very very cool.

Gloria Westerman said...

This is awesome.....never done and ice do make it sound so easy.....and your so funny...and what a great idea to scan your wedding dress and pictures to put in it....I wonder what ACE thought he love it......thank you for sharing....

Merri B said...

this iz wa kwel u did a gr8 job congrats on yor 15!!!

kreativeimagination said...

Wow!!! this is a master piece!!!Absolutely stunning.