Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Make Cheese Stuffed French Toast (Auntie Em's CFT)

This one is for Auntie Em. For Tutorial Tuesday today, I have to share a wonderful family favorite that I've enjoyed since my childhood. It's such a simple thing to make, and yet if I mention the ever amazing savory CFT (cheese French toast) to anyone outside of my family, there is usually, without a doubt, a bit of an eyebrow raised. It seems a savory modification of what is normally a sweet breakfast to most Americans, can in fact freak people out a bit. However, do not be alarmed. It tastes so amazing I think you'll be quickly converted to what we call the CFT. Look how it just calls your name from the griddle.
To make 4 stuffed sandwiches, you will need: 8 regular slices of French Bread (or any savory bread), 4 slices of cheese (the same size as the bread), 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk or cream, salt, pepper, and herbs of your choice.

Start with 3 eggs and 1/2 a cup of milk or cream. Salt and pepper or any seasoning of choice. May I suggest a good healthy shake of Chef Tess All purpose Seasoning,
Whisk it up really well. Take a piece of quality bread and dip it in the egg mixture. Wait. Dip after you've heated a good non-stick skillet or griddle and lightly oiled the pan. Now dip.
Coat the bread on both sides.
Place bread on hot griddle. Cook 3-4 minutes on one side. Turn over so the cooked side is up. I'm being simple silly now...because undoubtedly...there are people who need it this simple.

Place the cheese on the cooked side.
Sandwich it between two cooked sides.
Cook one side again. Then flip the entire sandwich over, like a grilled cheese sandwich.
Now...don't freak out. For goodness sakes don't tell Ace this...but we take these in the car for breakfast on the go. I know Auntie Em does the same. See my car seat there. Now you know my neat freak husband would die if he saw me eating a cheese toast in the car right? I freak out if I look at it now. Just saying. I probably should just keep it in the kitchen.
Like this. It's all peppered and savory. It's really an nice little breakfast. We have gone so far as to use Apple sourdough or Blue cheese bread or Cottage Cheese Dill rolls as the bread and some amazing cheese instead of cheddar. I'm particularly fond of brie and a thin slice of apple in the toast. Feta cheese with some pesto and fresh Mozzarella is amazing...really...the possibilities are almost endless. Given all the types of bread and cheese...it's a wonder we don't have a CFT of the week club.
There you go. Make some Cheese French Toast. I want to see your pictures!


TARA said...


I make something not too far off where I do ham and cheese (but I only egg up the outside before griddling.) Once it's all cooked, dust with powdered sugar and serve with raspberry jam. Yummo!

TARA said...


I do a version that's not far off from this with hame and cheese inside (but I only egg the outside before griddling.) After it's french toasty on the outside and cheesy melty on the inside I dust it with powdered sugar and serve it with raspberry jam. Outrageous!

Chef Tess said...

Tara...YUM!! We've done the ham and cheese variation with much joy. Pepper jack cheese with a thin layer of apricot jam in there is amazing. Ace likes to dip his in my peach-mango jalapeño jam. Raspberry jam with the savory sounds outstanding. I bet blackberry jam with some ground sage in the egg batter would be awesome!

mlebagley said...

Yup, there it is! I don't usually add milk, just straight egg. But I'm all about keeping the sweet and savory completely seperate here. grilled ham wedged in with the cheese (mozzerella with a spattering of blue cheese) is my favorite. Tara's sounds a bit wild for my taste. Powdered sugar and raspberry jam on top of the ham and cheese? That just sounds wrong to me! It would be a very complex flavor, but.... no, I just can't do that! Thanks for the step by steps, though Steph!

Chef Tess said...

Em...you are most welcome. I adore you my friend!

Goob said...

my mouth just watered. Is this entirely different from croque madame? (i know there's a griddle and cheese involved and that its something more than just grilled cheese). I think it sounds wonderful, and just may have to whip some of that up! And isn't Tara's version a Monte Cristo? oh...I've only had a Monte Cristo sandwich once, and I was 12, but it was so good...mmmmmm

Heather Hunt said...

Ummm... not too far from a Monte Christo, hummmm? Those are pretty darn good too!