Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flowers to Every Woman with a Mother's Heart

Sunday is the day I share a little of my soul. Enjoy.

Little Man walked in the house yesterday with a bundle of roses.  He'd been saving his quarters and pocket change for weeks to buy them for me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I rarely get flowers, but I recognized in those roses the sacrifice to bring them to me.  Sometimes, flowers are like that.

For many years, before I was blessed with children of my own, I actually didn't go to church on Mother's Day. There. There it is. I confess. It wasn't because I had lost my faith, but because it was emotionally painful. I wanted to have kids. They just had not come yet. 
I know it wasn't personal, but it was painful to watch other gals  stand up at the end of the meeting and get flowers and be honored for all they did...when my heart wanted more than anything to be a mother. Some of the same women I had heard complain horribly about the work they had to do as a mother.  

I remember one Mother's Day Sunday in particular a lady, not knowing my situation, told me that she thought I was a selfish person  for not having kids yet. I didn't punch her or anything...after all, I was in church. I did have a vision of her laid out flat between the pews with her hand bag up over her head.  Alas... it did take a lot of self restraint and I had to remember that church is for everyone...even the ignorant.  I had to remind myself that even I had at one time or another offended someone. Maybe not even knowing it. Yes, myself being ignorant as well as the next one. Hard as it is to believe. The only perfection I claim is the ability to be a "perfect idiot" when called upon to do so.

 So. Today I wanted to share this on Mother's Day. There are thousands of women who, due to no fault of their own, do not have children. Yet, these women lift. They inspire. They build up God's children and do more for the little ones than perhaps the children's own biological mothers do. It is to those women I wish to express an especially wonderful Mother's Day to today. Yes, and to the remarkable women in my life who have influenced for good the children of Lord. God sees your heart, he knows your desires. He who knows, perhaps more than anyone else the secret pains you conceal will one day wipe away your tears, just as you have wiped away so many others. I applaud your efforts. If I was with you, I'd be sure you got flowers too.    

"There is no limit to what a woman with a mother heart can accomplish. Righteous women have changed the course of history and will continue to do so, and their influence will spread and grow exponentially throughout the eternities. How grateful I am to the Lord for trusting women with the divine mission of motherhood..."Julie B. Beck


Heffalump said...

Our ward gives flowers to all the women age 18 and over. I did still see a single lady who is older refuse the flower when they tried to give it to her. I felt bad.
I have had many Mothers other than my own.

rosemary said...

I received a paper made card. My daughter did not have any money. Thank you Tess for making me a better cook for my babies. That tomato sauce poached egg was simple yet soooo good! The family enjoyed. I have been asked to do millet pudding more often. Healthy, delicious!