Monday, May 9, 2011

Rock On Graduation Party Ideas for Valley Dish (Today at 3:30 NBC 12)

Stephanie Petersen shows some pratical and handy ideas for graduation parties!

I know there are a lot of parents who are having kids graduate soon. Today on NBC 12 Valley Dish at 3:30  I'm doing a segment on quick party craft ideas for a "Rock On" Graduation Party. This is a theme that I first celebrated with some dear friends a few years ago when Dan got his Associates in a "Rock On!" It was a cheer or encouragement-party  to his Bachelors degree. Thanks to his amazing wife Shae for the photos of the grand day! I had the fun job of planning the food for the Rock-On theme.  

Shae had posters like this of Dan:

I think this one is my favorite. Seriously because Dan is so mellow. It's awesome to see this side of him.

We had a drum set  and guitar in the middle of the food table, and all the food had funky-cool rock band names. Elvis Table Runner under the plates.

 Rock candy.
 Rocks telling what the rockin' food names were. 

 Outside Shae had some party games in a bag marked "final exam" and pencils. I can't even remember what the questions were...I just remember having a fabulous time.

Perhaps you are a parent with a younger child...say a kindergarten graduate. Obviously we want these guys rockin' on to higher learning! Maybe a smaller family party.

  I wanted to make a universal party accessory that would work for anyone. These wood picture frames can be found at most craft stores for around a dollar for the smaller ones!  Larger frames are right around 3 dollars at Wal-Mart. Budget friendly and versatile? Oh my gosh?! What's not to love about that?! Oh... maybe free! So use cardboard if you want free. I'm not checking your party. Do what you want. I wanted wood ones.  Once painted you cannot put food directly on them...however, you can put glass plates on top of them. So why not?

I'm going with the lime green and black this time. Yup. Classic party theme colors right there. 

 I also found a metallic green that worked for an accent color.
Once dry I added some hot glue and craft rocks (around 3$ a bag for the rocks or free if you have a yard). 

 Now, my friend Kathy's daughter just so happened to have graduated from the big K this we're using her sweet photo. Isn't she a doll face? Don't tell anyone...but my son Face thinks she's cute. He asked if he could meet her.'s a match. I'm planning the wedding next. 
 Rocks and hot glue around the inside edge of the smaller frame and a glass square bowl make a nice dip container or snack bowl.
 I love how it looks with a darker bowl.
Now Kathy's DD's picture in a frame flat on the table with a glass serving tray over it looks like I made a custom picture tray!
 Crazy right?! 
 Even with the glass tray over the larger frame it looks amazing!
 You can also invert the large glass tray over the small picture frame and put the glass bowl over it for a more dramatic look.
 Simple bow on a black office supply tray for the silverware but it totally matches school theme.
 Hot glue and a few rocks with some funky ribbon snazz up the forks for the party too! Not of course for a really small kiddo party since the rocks could present a choking hazard. FYI. That's my legal disclaimer. 

If you want to get all "gimmicky" about the year of the grad...these crazy metal bad-boy pieces are right next to the gift wrap for around 2$. Add some bling...and it looks pretty awesome I must say. I love hot glue.

So, there you go. Some fun ideas for decoration at a "Rock On" graduation party! Hopefully it gets you thinking of some great ideas! What do you feed the folks? Here's a few of my recipes that I know will be a big hit! 

 I suggest...

Crispy Oven Baked Chicken drumsticks (drum sticks...get it?)

There you go! Have a wonderful graduation! 

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