Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bread Class Updates! I feel so Validated!

 You know that despite how many classes I teach, it never will cease to amaze me when someone comes back and says "Thank YOU" .  I'd teach bread classes until the end of time if I thought it would help even one person save money, eat well, and live better on whole grain. That being said...when I do stand in front of a room full of people it is always humbling to see that someone takes it home and uses it!

Today at Honeyville Farms in Chandler at the Class I taught there on Tortillas I was a few minutes before starting. To my joy, a brother and sister duo came in with the bread they had made for the VERY first time! {Ever} after attending my bread class on Saturday! I almost started to cry I was so excited!
 The blessed part...they are not stopping. She said she'd never buy bread again...and her brother made his own too! So...what better gift can you give your instructor than actually applying what you learned?!
 Here's their bread close up. The flavor was right on the mark. Texture pretty good and the moisture level was awesome! Not dry at all! 
 Saturday a few hours after the class, I got a lovely picture with my name tagged on it on my Facebook! Kim Carpenter-Lahn, a great cook that I had met on Valley Dish during one of my segments, had at the time, confessed her frustration with bread. I was overjoyed to see her at my class...and even more joyful to see this photo!
 Even more amazing was her great review of the class! Bread Glorious Bread! Thank you comes in many forms, but I believe the highest form of flattery...is imitation! Go forward my friends! So excited to hear how things are going! Oh...and yes this is my challenge to you this week!

Share bread with someone this week. Maybe sit down with your kids or spend a few hours with a friend...but let's make sure we don't let our talents go to waste. Let's make bread together!
Your Friend,
Chef Tess

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