Monday, August 8, 2011

A Week Full of Gourmet Food in One Post...

First I have to start off this post with a picture of the gal who has been my right hand this whole week! An immense THANK YOU to Lisa Barker...the General Manager of the Honeyville Farms Retail Store in SLC.  I can't imagine a better host! Xoxo! From picking me up at the airport, to feeding me, to teaching me some food saver tips,  to cheering me on during a busy fair...I am in your debt and you are in my heart as a sister. Love you lady!!
 I thought I would just highlight some of the amazing food and good times we had this week and then give recipes as the days roll on.  Is that okay? I mean if you have any choice.
Prepare to be dazzled!   This is a gluten free key lime coconut cheesecake with blackberry rum topping...
 Auntie Em has a fabulous gift when it comes to Salsa! This one especially since it came 100% from her garden!
 My mom (AKA The Mega Mom) made a ridiculous beautiful dessert on Sunday. A nectarine, plum and sun dried cherry pie with crumble topping and melted chocolate ganache...

 Auntie Em and her son at dinner...
 The laughing women in my family...poor dad was asking us to be calm for a picture and we couldn't stop laughing. 
Me and Auntie Em...Yes. We are twins. 

Okay...we're really not twins. We were born 18 months apart. In High School we were called the
 {Sunshine Twins}...Three guesses why. It was just because we were cute and happy.

 At the bread class on Saturday Auntie Em got a shot of me...and the fabulous camera man Steve! Steve rocked! Thanks buddy!
After the KSL TV Studio 5 segment, Lisa took me to lunch. Oh my gosh. Yum.
 I added ham to the Honeyville Potato cheese soup and loved it!
 Made a Danish tea ring using dehydrated butter for the roll in...and got magnificent results!
 Tried freeze dried eggs with pesto and ham...and loved it!
 I got into a serious hot wing throw down with my brother in law Chris...who deep fried his wings and then coated them with this intense awesome buffalo sauce.
 My Vietnamese style peanut lime Saigon seasoned wings were really good! By the time the night was over we couldn't decide which we liked better. Now *that's* a good throw down!
 I made bumble berry oatmeal bars with three ingredients!
 I raided Emily's garden.
 We shredded slow cooked pork and seasoned it with my fajita seasoning for tacos.
 The Pansy Man lined up his fish like the dead bodies in an Old Western movie...and I thought to myself, "Self...that's like a fish nightmare right there.  If I was a fish and saw this picture I'd think that Chef Tess was a blood thirsty flesh eating fish zombie."  That made me giggle too much. 
 Sometimes for the greater taco...sacrifices must be made. Poor fish...I loved you. I really did.
 Dad's garden also has a bumper crop of grapes coming in!
 The shredded pork tacos were amazing with grilled corn tortillas.
Even more amazing...This never stopped.

There you go. I'll be posting recipes soon for these awesome dishes. 
Free Classes at Honeyville Farms

Chandler Arizona
Honeyville Farms Retail Store
33 South 56th Street Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85226

Phone: (480) 785-5210 FAX: (480) 785-0892

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM, Saturday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Honeyville Farms Chandler Store Classes for August:

Canning SafetyTuesday August 9th, 10 AM Are you anxious to try home canning but nervous about the safety of what you're doing? Are you a seasoned home canner who may need an update on what the latest scientifically proven safe canning methods are so that you don't cause potentially lethal results with your home canning projects?! Maybe you do! Come join us! Class is free.

Spice Rack Demystification and Herb Alchemy
Tuesday Aug. 16th 10 AM
Have you ever wanted to learn the basics on herb and spice use, combining and the actual health benefits in using culinary herbs and spices? You won't want to miss what could be one of the best classes I teach on how to actually USE all those little jars in your Spice rack...and why! Class is Free.

Grain Surgery 101--
Tuesday August 23 at 10 AM
A beginners look at grain...up close and personal. We'll explore many different to cook them, where to use them...and most important...what they taste like! You'll leave with a whole new confidence in the kitchen and a lot more grain power! Class is free.

Bold Better Bread SeminarSaturday August 27th, 10 AM
As a pastry chef and mom I am often asked how I make such supple and tasty whole grain bread that isn't dry! If you are aching to become a bold better baker...this is a great class for you! Beginners and experienced bakers are welcome! I cover the basics and some unique techniques that help you make delightful whole grain bread fit into your life!

Homemade Tortillas and Flat Breads
Tuesday August 30th at 10 AM
Basics on how to make amazing homemade tortillas and flat breads with gourmet results that will not only save you money...but taste outstanding! Corn tortillas, Flour tortillas and Quinoa tortillas too! Class is free.

Join me for more cooking and fun!
Your friend,
Chef Tess.


Shellee said...

*snicker* Grain Surgery 101? *snort, snicker, snicker*

Chef Tess said...

I know right Shellee?! Grain Surgery is such a cool name for a class. I love teaching it. Got the name when I was teaching a bread class and showing how to mill flour with my hand mill. Somehow a single grain of wheat was stuck in the mill. I had been saying all through the class that bread wasn't "rocket science" and then when I couldn't get the grain out I said, "It may not be rocket science...but there is grain surgery involved!" That stuck. Now when I teach grain grain surgery.

mlebagley said...

So I am so excited to try the 52 jar convenience meals in a jar...and my husband (having not tasted any of them) told me that I was going all 'Jetsons' on him wanting all my dinners to be instant/just add water. I told him YES, cause they are easy to make, easy to serve, taste fantasticAND nutritious! He doesn't get it and is very sceptical. I think this one is going to be believed when he tastes them!