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Chicken KAMUT®-dle Soup with Herbs de Provence {More Grain Surgery}

 Monday I try to share a little on cooking with whole grain or food storage and today I thought I'd share something that I absolutely adore! It's better than eating a bowl of butter. Okay...wait. That came out wrong. Pastry chef and butter.'s better than eating a bowl of "Beautiful". See. That's what I meant. It's whole grain at it's glowing golden nuggets-o-joy finest hour!  Seriously look at it.

Have you ever really seen whole grain KAMUT®? It's on the left in this picture...
For those who missed any earlier posts I've done on this remarkable  brand of khorasan wheat.   KAMUT® is the name of the BRAND, not the wheat. One of the biggest misconceptions about KAMUT® Brand khorasan wheat is that the name “Kamut” refers to the type of wheat, while in fact, KAMUT® is the trademark name. It was given that name by Bob Quinn, Founder of Kamut International. He wanted to assure the quality of the organic, heirloom grain, khorasan wheat. One thing I love is that  KAMUT® is 1/3 longer than regular wheat and high protein. It is an ancient grain. Under the brand KAMUT®, consumers know they can trust this wheat will always be grown certified organic, will always be non-GMO, and will never be altered or modified In fact there's some outstanding information on this grain's origin on the KAMUT® website  here .

 I know that it must be grown organically, have a protein range of 12-18%, be 99% free of contamination varieties of modern wheat and 98% free of all signs of disease. Even though this wheat variety contains gluten, it has been found to be more easily digested by people with slight allergic tendencies to modern wheat. Excellent for making pasta and bread because of that protein! So I use it for bread on a regular basis. It's remarkably awesome! I also love how it cooks up to be this chewy almost meaty texture. We love to use it whole in soups and at breakfast . I call it my "morning Kamut" hee hee. I have it drizzled with a little honey and my Chef Tess Wise Women of the East Spice and Floral Blend

I get my KAMUT® at the Honeyville Farms retail store in 5lb or 25lb bags or  I've loved getting it at Preparing Wisely  as they have the Organic KAMUT® 25 lb Bag  for 35$. I know they don't ship the bulk bags. If you're not in the Phoenix valley I trust the grain from  Azure Standard (the KAMUT®  can be ordered online here. in 5 lb bags.  ) Preparing Wisely carries the Azure Standard 5lb bags for 10$.

If you've never cooked the grain itself, you will need a ratio of one part grain to 3 parts water. Simmer low (covered) on your stove top 120 minutes (yes that's 2 hours) or I prefer the pressure cooker...electric pressure cook 20 minutes, natural release. Stove top pressure cooker 50 minutes.  Another method that I've found to be most remarkable is the Heat Retention Cooking method. I use a quart jar with one cup KAMUT® and 3 cups boiling water. Put in my heat retention cooker for 3-4 hours without having to think about it! Wonderful way to go with the wheat!  This recipe calls for 3 cups cooked KAMUT® . That's the measurement after cooking folks. 

 Chicken KAMUT®-dle Soup with Herbs de Provence 
3 cups cooked KAMUT®
2 cups cooked chicken (about 1 cup of freeze dried chicken hydrated will work)
1T lemon infused olive oil
2 medium onions, chopped (2/3 cup dehydrated)
2 carrots, chopped (1/2 cup dehydrated)
2 cloves fresh pressed garlic (1 tsp minced dehydrated/granulated)
2 drops oil of oregano (optional)
1T  Wayzata  Bay Herbs de Provence
6-8 cups low sodium chicken stock (or 2T no MSG high quality chicken bullion and  8 cups water)
1/4 cup fresh Italian Parsley 

Directions using fresh veggies:
Saute Onions and carrots in olive oil and add the garlic the last 2 minutes of saute. Add the cooked chicken, KAMUT® and Herbs de Provence. Note...I use The Wayzata brand. Here's what it has in it: has lavender. You know me and lavender. Seriously it's one of the best blends for this I've ever seen! Honeyville Farms retail stores have these. Penzey's online also has an Herbs de Provence that has lavender and it's awesome!  Add the liquid and drops of oil of oregano. Simmer 20 minutes until veggies are tender. Salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste.  Just before serving add the fresh Parsley. Always wait until the end for best flavor on the fresh.
 Directions for dehydrated veggies and Freeze dried meat: Combine all ingredients except the fresh parsley in a pot and simmer 30 minutes until all the meat and veggies are hydrated and tender. Add parsley at the end. 
 We serve it with a wedge of homemade bread using KAMUT® flour. So it's a wonderful healthy meal.
It's not just for bread and cereal folks. Special thanks KAMUT® International! You really rock the whole ancient grain organic goodness! There you go my friends! Make some awesome whole grain soup!

Your Friend,
Chef Tess.

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