Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Vintage Modern Kitchen Photo Collection

I have to share some pictures I found to frame in funky 50's frames and put in my kitchen...but in a wild new way.  I think they're classic for what I want to do. Check them out. Seriously. Adorable. 
 Hello Lime Fizz! Does this go in the kitchen or an entire bathroom with a Lime Fizz theme? How many freakin' cool things could we do with limes?! Woah...I hurt my head thinking of it all...but now I'm excited to start in!
 Now if I have twin girls we already have the names picked out...(or maybe twin rat terrier puppies).
 Okay wait...doesn't this lady look like me?
 If I could just slip into my alter-ego 1950's cartoon version of myself...I think this would just about nail me...except more ruffles on the apron.

 Oh this makes me want a little girl! Look at those bangs she cut all by herself under the kitchen table when her mom was on the phone.
 Cut several beans at one time. Okay. Nice haircut on the little boy. Note to self, talk to boys about not using kitchen grease in hair.  So...where do I get hot pads like that?Man-oh-man...Those are cool.
Once I wore earrings that made my sister say, "those earrings  make your whole face *sparkle*!" know this picture made my whole face giggle.
I need this chart so my kids can know what a can opener looks like...and when mom will be opening up a can. (Grin.)

Yeah. Saucy.

You know this will be on the cookie jar right?! 
 Oh. My. Heck. Doesn't this just have to go by the flour mill and where I make the bread?!

This is going on the counter by the blender...

Now I just have to get them all girlie cute and show you the final projects...but I think it will be one of my best projects yet!
Your Friend,
Chef Tess


Lamb said...

I have that cookbook! My sister got it for Christmas when she was 13. My much older sister, I hasten to add! She never liked it, but I think I memorized every recipe, lol! It is still at my moms house. My sis regifted it to me and when I moved out in 1974, I left it there because my mom wanted to copy down some recipes. I just never picked it back up, lol!

Unknown said...

wow beautiful cookbook...I wish I had one too!