Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ultimate Sweet-Stops Class and a Beautiful Home!

In the middle of all of the running around yesterday, some amazing pictures got taken! I loved being with Lin Sue Cooney and Cindy Leech. At the home there was an outdoor Pizza oven. What do you think?! Shouldn't bread just come out like this?

 Here's the woven Fall Loaf.

 I adore this picture that was taken while I showed how to do the painted bread.
 When Lin Sue was introducing me to the class, I felt like a movie star! Thank you my dear. I have to say she does have a gift for lifting others and helping them feel important. What a kindred spirit!
 Classic. Spider bread reaction.

Stephanie Petersen's Gorgeous Painted Breads got added to the Sweet-Stops Facebook page album. You'll have to check it out! Thank you Lin Sue!  

I loved meeting some of my facebook friends! Heather Hello! I so *heart* her!
 April...who has been my friend since we were teenager! Love you girlie!! She was at the class and I didn't even know she was coming until she walked in the door! Xoxo! {Insert Stephanie squealing like a teenage girl}.
 Leann...Matt Grunwald's mother and an outstanding encouraging friend! 
 I have to share a few pictures of the house where we had the class. It was "Better Homes and Garden" amazing! I loved the yard. Huge half acre. Look at the pool...
 The kitchen area...
 The outdoor pizza oven and bbq patio...{Insert me trying not to covet}.
 Oh...and a full size kids play house. It's probably bigger than my first condo. Just saying...I could live there.
Coveting. No way around that on the ovens... Plural. {Just saying.} 
I now have a dream house to start planning! Xoxo! 

There you go! Thank you Again Sweet-Stops! Find them on facebook here!

Your Friend, 
Chef Tess

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