Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween Table-Scape Ideas

Halloween is a lot closer than I want to think about...and it's one of the most popular holidays to decorate! However, I'm not one who likes creepy weird decorations. I love fun and happy ones!

I can't even tell you how much joy I had at  the Pumpkin Fondant Cupcake & Spider Cupcake Class !
I want to share here on the zany crazy blog some of the ideas that I shared in the class! 

First of all, I always have a lot of different heights and depths when I do a table for a buffet or any gathering. It should be just as appealing to look at the decorations as it is to look at the food. Case in point. We added some high candle sticks (embellished with removable Halloween bracelets!). On the stands we used some twill to add a bit of a ruffle. 
My secret? Dollar store Halloween costume Tutu's for little girls! Yup...they're inexpensive and add such a vaaavooom to your table!

See?! Now on candles and bases of trays I like to add inexpensive Halloween bracelets {again dollar store}. They're really simple touches to add some charm. Recycled Cutting Board Party Tray you can watch the segment from Valley Dish that I did on this here.

Another great idea is to use a feather wreath on the table at the center. This one happened to be huge and orange...and perfect! Thank you Cindy for having this one available!

To add height I also took a few of my Crafty Pots with a tray on top. Again adding a tutu or two to the base of the pots and stands to make them "pop". The larger bowl placed on top of a frilly tutu in a bread basket-bowl with the pumpkin loaf in it took it from a simple bread display to a work of art! Adding things like plastic felt covered spiders, glittered ceramic witch shoes and another black lace embellished bracelet to the base of the bread stand was another great touch. You want that. The whole table should be an extraordinary journey for the eyes. The food has to be remarkable...but people eat with their eyes first. 
We had a full size black and white striped tablecloth...and two life size witches sitting at the table. It was an awesome display!

For the food tables, I was excited to see what the hostess had done. Again, keeping with the color theme of black and white with orange, she had striped tablecloths. Orange napkins with adorable napkin rings!

When I walked in the front door, this is what I saw...
Each place setting looked like this:
Lin Sue told me the best secret for how they made the napkin rings! Seriously I squealed! These are little party favor tins with the plastic end removed. How brilliant is that?!
The menu was awesome too!

Here are a few of the cupcakes from the class:

 The Decadent Sweet- Stops fudge truffle cakelets...were the devil. So good!
 I fell in love with the Enchilada style baked tamales! Brilliant! Cutting tamales in half, covering them with enchilada sauce and cheese...what's not to love!
 The mixed Summer greens with a citrus pretty! I fell in love with that serving spoon, by the way.
 So, at the table eating, my brain started thinking of all the amazing ways the tamales could be changed up with the enchilada style method!
My  would work for this menu as well as the Strawberry Spinach Salad with Blue Cheese Peach vinaigrette. (Granny's diabetic luncheon ).  

There you go! Have a ball getting ready for Halloween! Better yet...throw a party. {Now accepting invitations for lunch. Grin.}
Your Friend,
Chef Tess.

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So cute!
Where did you get the b & w striped tablecloth??