Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love at First Sight

Sunday is the day I get to share a little of my soul. 

 I know a lot of you are aware that I can't have any more children. That being said, I've felt for years that I would not be kept from having new angels come to my life if I kept my heart open to them.  When the chance came to take part in  Gingham Project I jumped at it.   I jumped, not because I thought I'd get to adopt any of the kids, but because I am a mother. I could see a need and I wanted to help...even if it was something small.  Their Mission for school children and their program for families in rural impoverished India has been an outstandingly beautiful part of my life the last little while.  Today I finally got to see the face of sweet Sathiya. Sathiya is the eleven year old little girl who we've been blessed to be able to sponsor in the orphanage with Sister Daisy's Kids
 Sathiya's mother. My heart might break for Sathiya's mother.   After reading about what Melanie's experience was with a young mother in the orphanage, I couldn't get my mind off that mother. I wondered what I would do should I be in such a situation...dying of HIV in a land where it would be basic social death for my child to be left without me and my support. I'm told that Sathiya's mother is now exceedingly ill. I can't imagine her pain. Nor the pain of this little girl. Yet...look at this smile.

 Seeing that smile has moved me beyond words. I'm so honored to be able to have her in my life, if only through pictures. My prayer is that someday I'll be able to hug her and tell her face to face how beautiful she is. In the meantime...I get to see that smile sitting next to Sister Daisy. 
 Our joy was increased again to get to sponsor a second child! Yes, Two angels! I got to see "our boy" today too! He's 14 years old and his name is Mahendran. He's the little boy in the red shirt, right up front. 
It comes to this. Today I'm literally basking in this glorious light of love and joy at the mere thought of these little ones. In such a moment, when that much love comes into my heart, I think of the Love of God that I get to glimpse now and then...and I wonder with great awe at that love. I wonder how I could be so blessed. I wonder if it's possible for a heart to burst from having too much love...but so far that hasn't been the case. Usually when that much love comes into my heart it just ends up overflowing down my cheeks. It warms and expands the heart I have now. It makes me want to always feel this way. I think that's the point. God's Love changes a transcendent and magnificent way. I hope this feeling never goes away...because I imagine that in will feel like this. There will be nothing but love and God...and all of us together. That will be Love at first sight that lasts forever and ever.

There it is.
Your Friend Chef Tess.

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aswesow said...

If that is your prayer (to meet her face to face) someday, sooner rather than later you will. I look forward to reading those blog posts, seeing the pictures and hearing how you've been blessed and how Daisy's Kids have been blessed.