Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Single Sticky Bun As Big As A Dinner Plate

Hello Sticky bun. Are you single? Now that's a pick up line if I ever heard one!

Well...among some of the ridiculous things I do...this may be high on the list. Yet, I've held back on sharing them with you...lest I somehow cause my readers to slip into some kind of virtual sugar coma.  You may ask. Go ahead. Ask..."Why in the name of all that is good and right in the world would any sane woman make sticky buns so big that  they are 10 inches across and 5 inches high?!? (And not share!)" Why??...You thought I missed that where you slipped in the (And not share) part. I'm on to you.
My answer is, " How can there be any truth to the answer when there is no truth to the question?" I would have to be a *sane* order for there to be rhyme and reason to this kind of epicure. Seriously. Epic. 

Yes...this is a full size dinner plate. Yes. It is a pumpkin spice cinnamon bun kissed with my Wise Woman of The East spice blend. The magic is made perfect with exotic Roasted  Saigon  Cinnamon, lemon, orange, and culinary florals...everything you would want in a prime plate of happy. Yes, it's dripping in a thick caramel-orange goo-o-joy.'s topped with toasted salted pumpkin seeds.
 Yes. See...I will share!   Isn't that just perfectly sweet and evil of me?
Repeat after me, "Peeeerfectly sweeeet and Evil of you..."

These will be the big sellers. I can tell already. I mean they're already big right?

There you go. Sticky Buns of Epic size...and yes...they can be yours too. The're technically family you can share...should you decide you want to be that nice.

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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aswesow said...

I envy the folks near Queen Creek!