Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Heart

Sometimes when I'm making sculpted roses...I think of all the hours I used to play with my kids and the play dough. I remember making roses with them that I had learned in culinary school and made in the bake shop...and how very little they really appreciated those roses compared to the powerful way the garlic press made dough hair for their monsters. Somehow, it didn't seem to matter what what my skills were as a pastry chef. All that mattered was that I was spending time with them. We create beauty as we add petals to each of the Lord's little "roses". We are teaching line upon line what it will take to mold and form them into responsible, God-fearing, good men and women. I don't think that anything could have ever prepared me for motherhood. I remember crying bitter tears wondering when or if I would have children of my own and now that I'm in the middle of raising those children, it is like a forgetful veil sometimes covers those painful memories of when my arms were empty. I don't know how the Lord does that...but I know it happens. 
Mother's Day is not to celebrate one woman. It is to me,the celebration of women everywhere who do so much to love the children of the world! There's not blue ribbons large enough nor are there words meaningful enough to express what a woman with a true mother-heart can do. Any woman can have a mother-heart.  How the children come to your life is not important. I had a friend say it this way, "no matter how you hyphenate still are one!" Adoptive-mother, Step-mother, Grand-mother, Teacher-mother, Auntie-mother, (I'm adding insane-mother)...To all of you who lift the hands that hang down, wipe the tears, free the oppressed and bind up the wounded souls, you are doing the Lord's work. Today and always...I say thank you. You are changing the world every single day. Never underestimate your power to do good. Ever. To my own dear mother and all the ones who acted as mothers-in-spirit...Thank you for changing my life for the best! I can never repay you...but I can carry on your legacy of Love.   It seems almost daily I meet new amazing women who are changing lives and doing immense good...and it's a powerful thing to be part of a world where those who are willing to take up the fight for God...are doing it! 

Thank you sweet wonderful moms, sister, friends. Moms who are here, and moms who are watching us from through the veil of heaven...we are all united in one cause. All my love to all of you today and forever!
Happy Mother's Day!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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