Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Tea Party...With Sweet Stops

 I'm seriously so excited that I got to spend the afternoon with Lin Sue Cooney and the amazing Cindy Leech, owners of Sweet-Stops. I first met Lin Sue while doing segments for Valley Dish and have loved her darling well as her good loving heart!  Lin Sue is also an amazing newscaster there on NBC 12 and I wonder how she ever gets all her work done! Amazing!! The party was a wonderful gathering of ladies from all over the valley and I wish I had taken more photos! I do however have to share these darling cookies! Look how fun they are! They look like a little tea bag! Chocolate dipped shortbread never looked so adorable!

Thank you Lin Sue! Oh...and guess who else was there?! Yup...The amazing Lisa Schumacher, CEO of Lilynco. (I know I've talked about Lisa before but I seriously love all she does to bless the lives of so many!). Xoxo! There was a lot of love in that room!
Just had to share...even if it was just a quick note. Awesome event! Just awesome!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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Shellee said...

I'm so grateful that so many people have learned of your wonderful skills and personality. I love you, my dear!!!!