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Homemade Gluten Free Cream Soup Mix and Gravy Mix Save Big Money!

Tomorrow Morning
I will be on our Fox 10 AZ Morning Show at 9:45 with my
 Top 5 Money Saving Recipes Every Cook Should Know! Today it seemed perfect to post this cost savings comparison on the gluten-free soup and gravy mixes!
I, for one, am totally excited!
One, because I'm going on Fox 10!
 Two...because this is such an enpowering thing!
You control the ingredients. You control the cost.
You are in charge! Waaawhooooo!!! Guess what else is cool? Guess? Okay. I'll tell you.
 My 4 new spice blends come out this week!
 Oh...and I'll be teaching a FREE class tomorrow night. I have to admit that after an early morning segment, I may be a little loopy for tomorrow night's class!
It will still be epic-cool-festive-fun.
You know you want to be there with your big smiles!

Now for the gluten-free cost comparison and mixes!

Cream Soup Mix Cost Comparison Gluten Free Cream Soup Mix $3.25 per mix.  Makes 1 1/2 cup soup.
4 Mixes= $12.97
Chef Tess Gluten Free Cream Soup Mix
ONE of my mixes is equal to 4 store-bought GF mixes
4 T Cornstarch 1.70$ lb ( 454 g@5g/T= 90T box/=23 mixes $1.70/22.5= .075 cents per mix
2/3 cup Non Fat Dry milk 13.68/64 oz=$ 0.21 per ounce. = 22 mixes a box.  2/3 c milk powder is 82 g. (2.89 oz)=.62 per mix
2T Dehydrated Minced Onion $5.45/8.25 oz= $0.66  33 mixes per jar. 2T is .25oz. .66/4= .17 per mix
2T Chicken Broth Base (no msg) $4.05/12 oz=$0.34 per oz. 24 mixes per jar.  2T=14g (.50 oz).16 per mix
---------------------------------------------------------------------Total:$ 1.03 per mix ( Save 11.94$)
  • Buy the ingredients to make 22 homemade mixes ( equal to 88 pre-made)  Cost: $24.88 
  • Buy Store mixes: $285.34 (Dude! Do we even need to talk about what I can do with that money?! What about your family?!)
Gluten-Free Gravy Cost Comparison

Wal-Mart Gluten Free Gravy Mix $2.20 per Mix (yield 2 cups gravy). All Natural.

Chef Tess Gluten Free for gravy mix (yield 2 cups gravy): 
2T cornstarch S1.70 lb (454g@5g per T=90T a box (45 mixes) =.04 per mix
1 1/2 tsp onion  (.085 per T)= .04 per mix
2 tsp broth base ( 2 tsp=10g) .05 per mix
-----------------------------------------------------------Total:  0.13 per mix (save $2.07 per mix)
  • Buy the ingredients to make 45 mixes (with onion and broth base left over): $5.85 for mixes ($11.20 for ingredients there will be a lot left over on bouillon and onion for about 60 more mixes).
  • Buy 45 store mixes: $99.00 ( I don't know about you, but that's enough money for at least a couple pairs of shoes for my kids or on the sale.)
To get the rest of the details
 on the soup and sauce mixes go here.
Some of my mixes are not gluten free but they will save money. In general I try to give the gluten-free alternatives. However, if you are gluten free, you might want to check out these posts on gluten-free baking, mix-making, and ingredients here on the blog:

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  • There you go! Make some Mixes. Save some money. Buy some new shoes  pay off the credit card. Grin. Grin. Xoxo!
    Always My Very Best,
    Your Friend Chef Tess

    I am no longer the corporate chef for Honeyville but we still love them dearly. My family is greatly blessed and relies heavily on the extra money brought in by sales tracked back to this site. This is also the company that packages and sells my spice line as well as my food storage cookbooks. Thank you so very much for your support. Xoxo!

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