Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arizona Farm Bureau's Fill Your Plate

Remember how much excitement filled our hearts here when my boys grew their first carrots? Boy Meets Carrots. I'll never forget the looks on thier faces when they pulled those gorgeous little gardening geek-fest root veggies out of the earth.
I will also never tire of seeing things growing on a beautiful Arizona farm.
I love  and developing recipes using the bounty.
Oh...and dessert.
One of my all-time favorite easy on pot meals is this Sundried tomato blush sauce using Homemade Arizona Sundried Tomatoes
as well as this vegetarian genius meal:  "London-Broil" Portabella Mushrooms with citrus grilled pineapple.

So, I've had the amazing honor this month of being the featured celebrity chef this month on Arizona Farm Bureau's Fill Your Plate. I'm so excited!

There you go! Support local farmers! They really bring home the good stuff!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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Kızlık zarı said...

Its so sad to hear.. Six years is very long time.hope you had nice experiences since you started blogging.
Kızlık zarı