Monday, March 4, 2013

What are the top 10 foods you should feed your dog?

Three weeks ago we went to the AZ Humane Society Adopt-A-Pet event. It was the Saturday of my son, Face's birthday. 

I've never seen my son so excited or grateful. Ever. That's saying a lot because he's a tender-hearted sweet-heart of a kid who doesn't need to be coaxed to express gratitude. In this case, the events of the Dog Sitting Chicklet adventure had very much proven to me how ready and able he was to take good care of a little friend.

 This is Millie the day we brought her home.
 She's now very much a part of the family. The first night, he wouldn't leave her side until she fell asleep peacefully.

 She follows Face all over the place and is endlessly loyal. I'd like to publicly thank the AZ Humane society for a great experience picking her up as well. Everyone on the staff and the volunteers there were very friendly and I could tell they had great affection for this little dog. She was timid when she first arrived and had just been "fixed" so she was tender. She had been found on the streets and was undernourished as well. They'd only had her two days when we found her.  She had been exceptionally trained by whoever had her before us. I'm not going to lie...doggie training and cleaning up doggie-nuggets on my carpet would not be something I could handle at this point in my life. She's sharp as a whip. She also reads a little. Just kidding.

Needless to say, as a chef when they gave me the list of "what not to feed the dog" I got a little worried about feeding her anything that wasn't pre-made "just for dogs".  Come to find out, I didn't really know what was on her list of food she could eat safely. Look. I realize those of you who have had dogs for ages think this sounds a little lame, but I'm new to this. I grew up with cats. I'd nursed a dog allergy for years and we didn't really have much luck finding one that my body could tolerate. Needless to say, Millie, as a rat terrier was on that short list of hypoallergenic dogs...she has not been giving me any trouble in that regard. My son Face has been begging me to find out what she can eat besides the hard dog food. I would rather not break the bank. Practical-chef-mode kicked in. So here we go. Oh and seriously...don't tell me, "just feed it whatever!" that my son is so attached I'm not doing anything to risk killing this little darling. I'm not buying her a tutu and painting her nails...but she is going to be well taken care of here at the Petersen resort.

I  read this article on  The top 10 Foods You Should Feed Your Dog
from The author of Feed Your Best Friend Better. I love how he broke it down pretty simply! By the way, I totally ordered his book and yes, we'll be doing a review here!

 The top 10 Foods You Should Feed Your Dog
 from The really was a great read. 
Head on over to Rick Woodford's blog: Here
Here's what Rick Suggests (His Article is much more detailed info as to the why and how much):
1. Scrambled Eggs.  
2.  Fish
3. Chicken hearts & gizzards.  
4. Plain Yogurt
5. Green Stuff (parsley). 
6. Pumpkin &; Squash. 
7. Blueberries
8. Roasted Beets.
9. Carrots & Green Beans.
10. Non-Sugar Cheerios as a training treat. 

Like I said, the original article is worth looking at and the book is even better. I'm excited to share more! In the meantime, do you have a doggie favorite? 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Unknown said...

Take a look at Flint River Ranch dog foods. AQll made here in the US from locally sourced ingredients like eggs, salmon, duck, veggies and pasta - safe and pure enough for humans to eat. My little 2 lb yorkie loves the dry water mix especially when the weather is cold. We mix it with warm water for his evening meal and he sleeps better with a warm meal in his tummy.

Tightwad said...

We just adopted a dog late last year and I decided that I wasn't going to have the health issues we had with our previous ones (cancer, major allergies). With the many pet food recalls where pets died I don't feel comfortable feeding animal grade food either so I've decided to cook for her. I follow this diet:
I only cook every 10-14 days and keep it in the freezer. Our dog loves it!

Tightwad said...

By the way, congratulations on your new addition!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the new family member!

Molly can't eat dog food because she is allergic to it. I started feeding her the same thing that Tightwad mentioned (I bought the book too). My vet then said to take her to a dog nutritionist to make sure she was getting all the vitamins she needs. It turns out that she wasn't. Now with her meal, I give her vitamins as well. She is 7 years old now and doing wonderful!

Kate said...
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lynneinMN said...

congrats on your newest member, and God Bless for adopting! We have 2 adopted dogs, who are king and queen of the family (or so they like to think!) i make a doggie stew of: chicken gizzards/hearts/livers, whole wheat pasta, barley, rice, carrots, peas, diced tomatoes, and stock. put some on top of their kibble, and no wonder they think they are king and queen!

Heather Hunt said...

Awwww....I thought she looked like a rat terrier. We had one and before her we had a fox terrier. They were wonderful, loyal little dogs. We fed Iams. I have cats now because we are never home.....

Bert said...

PLEASE NO CHERRIOS! it is NOT a Treat! It's a Health hazard!! to Children & to Dogs!
Grain Free is Best, a Ancestral Diet is Best for your New Family Member. :)
Congratulation! Cats think we are to server them & Dog are here to serve you & your Family! I love cat's too, really! I have worked for a vet for many yrs. 17yrs in fact & groomed dogs for 6 yrs! & through the years have learned many many things. Veterinarians have had very little Canine or Feline Nutrition classes & have relied on dog food companies for many years for their info on foods. Most Animal Nutritionist work for dog food companies, guess what way they may lean? Yes for the company they work for.
Andi Brown's Whole Pet Diet is Great except using Oats. Quinoa is More Acceptable & so much Higher in Protein. & just Like People all ingredients should be Organic if at all possible. Avoid food that has Pesticides,& Animal Proteins that have been fed with GMOs(generically modified) antibiotics & hormones! That a long could give your pet an extra 5 years! Also remember You Furry Friend walks on the floor & absorbs all the toxins from the chemical you use on it, like The Swifter(know to cause live damage in pets & your Children) who crawl on the floor. Please just use Hot H2O & a Mild soap & rise well. No Flea soaps either! Toxic!
The whole pet diet is good except the grains, is just added Bulk to fill them up. I Use about the same diet for my dogs but add Kale & Spinach & mashed Peas.(they don't digest the peas so well unless smashed)I also do Not smash everything all up they like to chew their food too! Give them a Canine Multi Vitamin once a day. I give my dogs raw Carrots or Sweet Potatoes as there Treats they love them.And Lettuces, not ice burg real dark green lettuce. If I make a salad without giving them some they pout. Think I should start my own blog! Sorry this is a book! Again Congrats! You have another precious Life to take care of!!! :)

Chef Tess said...

Thank you for your comment. While I can appreciate your passion about taking care of the dog, I know a lot of dog experts who agree with using oats. Whole grain oats are one of the best foods for humans. Just saying. There's a lot of research to back that up! I personally don't know a lot of folks who can afford to feed the dog or their family 100% organic all the time. Given the choice, I'd much rather know I can supplement what she's eating with whole foods.