Monday, April 20, 2009

Quail Eggs...random thoughts.

I had my first official run in with quail eggs on Friday night. I don't know what to make of or with them...

Normally I really like a good egg over easy...but quail eggs are too small. Totally impractical.
Tough eggs to crack too. Look at Tara trying to get this bad boy open. It's like opening a leather egg. Not so good. They look like malted eggs. I love malted eggs. However these are not malted. How many times can I say malted?! Why aren't quail eggs malted? Argh. That human tragedy aside, these didn't have an expiration date, so we where both too leery to eat the finished product for fear of food borne illness. So sad. Just look how freaky cute they are! It would almost be worth it...almost. Until I saw a quail egg...twice.

Compared to a dessert fork, they look just insanely small...and they are. A three egg omelet for a gnome maybe? Anyone else remember that old movie "The Gnome Mobile"? You know the one with the singing fairy gnomes that try to save the forest? Hmmm. Totally random, but a gnome would fit on the end of this fork along with the quail egg...and a mushroom. Keep that in mind the next time you find quail eggs. Invite a gnome over for brunch. It's good karma. At a dollar a dozen, it would be totally cheap to feed them quail eggs as well. At least if you get your quail eggs at our local Oriental market. They also had 6$ a pound frog legs and salt and vinegar pork rinds...and funky fruit. Didn't see any gnome for sale though. That's probably a good sign.
I see gnomes in snow-bird's yards all the time...but snow-birds and pink flamingos don't lay quail eggs. Those gnomes are fools.

Have a gnome for's good for you. Just make sure it's a live gnome and not one of those ceramic dolls. Ceramic ones won't eat expired quail eggs either.

There you go.

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