Friday, October 9, 2009

Rambling Reviews...Joe's Again.

I recently took a little "girl" time with my friend Lisa at Joe's Farm grill. This time it was lunch and I don't know about Lisa, but I had a perfectly pleasant time. We laughed. I cried. Her daughter used the bathroom 15 times. I think it was because the bathroom had dolls and television and I just wasn't as cool as the bathroom, but I'm okay with that.

Now, mind you, in March I had Breakfast At Joe's Farm Grill but had not had the chance to have the sweet potato fries. This last month they had a crazy fun way to celebrate hot dog month. A different hot dog every day. A different kind of beautiful. Normally not a big fan of hot dogs, but Joe's had all natural nitrate free natural casing hot dogs. So... This was a Swedish dog. By far my favorite. Yes, I'm Swedish. I'm also Danish. Anyone ever been party to the war between the Danes and Swedes? My mom brought home a Swede to meet her Danish Dad. Her dad said she couldn't marry that Swede. But...she did anyway. OH I'm so glad! I couldn't have asked for a finer father! Random. Back to the hot dog. This hot dog had Garlic mashed potatoes and ligonberry sauce. Evil to the core...for all the right reasons.

Not low fat. Not in any way something I can eat everyday.

But...those sweet potato fries are evil and good. Everyone should have some. I think I will be experimenting with my own Baked Lowfat French Fries...Homemade Perfect using sweet potatoes. I'll let everyone know how that worked out. In the meantime, just know that I still am a big fan of Joe's. Way to go out there!
Thanks again Lisa!
There you go.


Goob said...

I'll go ahead and assume that in this case "There You Go" means, so go ahead, and have lunch with Lisa! lol
Hey, when you make those oven baked sweet potato fries, experiment with your curry spices, trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

Salsa Mama said...

Oh my!! Joe's is one of my FAVORITE places! The sweet potato fries, especially. I love the sauce that comes with them. mmmmmmm Their pickles are the BEST EVER. Their milk shakes....oh, the milk shakes. The Fontina Burger... OK, I need to stop. We should go sometime! :)

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Sweet Potato Fries at Joe's are the bomb! I was thinking about them the other day... need to find an excuse to go there. The hot dog doesnt' do anything for me though...

Chef Tess said...

LOL. Yes. Lunch with Lisa. Amy, I didn't think the hot dog would do anything for me either, but it was amazing! Salsa Mama...I'm assuming you are Sally...right? Yes...we need to go to Joes. I'm in anytime!!