Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rambling Reviews Haris Pita Grill and Croshaw's Pies

I met a man named Ha Ha. Actually his name was Haris. When we walked into his Pita Grill, it was like he was welcoming us to his home. The first sign that it was truely Greek. It was my birthday lunch with Ace and I wanted to go somewhere special. Not fancy special, just quite soul awakening special. Not something I normally do blind (not having gone somewhere before) it could have ended badly. As you know, I don't ever give a bad review. If I don't like something, I don't review it. That's just how I roll. There's enough negative foodie snob reviews out there. This one ended so well, I actually had to write the owner and tell him how wonderful the experience was and what it meant to finally go to a Greek place that lived up to the name. The food was exceptionally good. Barak and Spanikopita.

Ace had the Gyro...which he always has anytime we have Greek food. It was gorgeous.

My favorite, the hummus. It was smokey with just enough lemon. Garnished with peppers and feta. Tangy delicious. Ha Ha puts his heart and soul into his food. Can food be spiritual? This lunch was. Will I go again? You bet your Ha Ha I will! Thank you Haris!

Next up is a great place I found for Gourmet pies in the East Valley.

I love that they do all their stuff from scratch. All amazing flavors.
http://www.croshawspies.com/ for menu details and location.

I picked up a sugar free Boysenberry pie today. $8.99
Totally random sampling. I like to drop in like that. It makes it more real to what they do everyday. It was perfect.

Cussing Granny can't have sugar and I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to make the pie. You know I can make pie. So, this was it today. And she was happy.

Oh, I really liked this review too: Croshaw's Gourmet Pies Opens In Mesa, Az

There you go. Happy rambling.

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