Thursday, June 23, 2011

S'mores on a Pretzel and Summer on a Stick! Fox 10 AZAM Segment

Tomorrow on Fox 10 I'll be sharing some fun Kids Cooking ideas for keeping your cool and making some memories. One thing is for sure...S'mores never looked so EviL!
I melted chocolate like  The crazed lunatic of chocolate love,
Crushed homemade  graham crackers,
Absconded with some "Gi-normeous-HuGe-ic" Marshmallows of immense magnitude,
and impaled a pretzel rod with the squishy mass of sugar fluff.
Dipping the fluff in chocolate was next on the Evil-to-do-list.
Now I'm just resting for effect.
Oh. My. Heck-fire. Can *anyone* make these or is it just me?!
Yah...I did just put the crushed stuff on the chocolate stuff.
Mashed in a few extra chunks of chocolate-love-nuggets, ya know, just in case there wasn't enough chocolate.
Then to be totally puke-ishly cute, I wrapped them in these treat bags and tied them with a ribbon. Yes, I know. It's totally Ootsie-Cutesie. I apologize in advance for that sappy adorable-ness. Someday I'll just be practical and put them in my mouth and eat them instead of wrapping them at all.
Use white chocolate and colored sprinkles...and you get what we call  All American Sparklers 
 Aren't they cool? Way simple too!
Watermelon pops may just  be one of my all time favorite " Summer-Treats-on-a-stick". If you haven't seen them you should try them at least once. You'll probably never buy a popsicle again. The segment will feature a really amazing variety of watermelon fresh from the fields this morning! Thanks to our outstanding friends down at Love Grows Farms!
This is a Moon and Stars Watermelon. Find out more about this variety Here. All I can say is it's stunning on the outside...
Gorgeous on the inside...
and perfect on a stick!
Bonus...I get to keep the seeds.  Is that legal? Well, I'm not sure, but my dad the Pansy Man is most likely going to cry tears of joy if I show up with these heirlooms in my pocket.
A few more Summer Sticks will include these butter-tea ring cookie flowers and some homemade salted caramel chocolate popsicles. Are you excited?!

Well, the segment airs on Fox 10 Arizona Morning Show tomorrow (Friday) at 9:40. I'm looking forward to seeing all the folks there again! Big hugs!!

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