Saturday, March 3, 2012

Proof I Did Something. The Home Canning Validation Circle

 As a mom, sometimes I feel like the work I do is undone almost as quickly as I do it. Dishes are dirty almost as quickly as they're done. Laundry washed, folded and then...we do it again. Meal after meal...made and eaten. I wonder if anything really sticks. This is, of course, why I take pictures of food and kids. Ironically I've never taken a picture of laundry piles. How odd. I don't find those beautiful, just practical.  Home canning is practical too, but, I don't think I'd ever call it ugly. Plus, at the end of the day, there are rows of shiny jars with pretty things inside them singing to me in total unison, "Hoooray for mom!". I have proof I did something. No way will all the jars be undone in a few hours or minutes. I think I just figured out why I love home canning so much. I have measurable proof that I did something. Not that I need to prove it to anyone, but it's nice to see that something will stay semi-done for a while! It's like a full mom-validation moment when I can sit, for about 3 minutes, and just look at those rows of freshly canned divine happiness and say in a very sing-song voice, " Look at me go!" Someone has to say it. If I don't say it to myself, I have to wait for the jars to speak...and that might not happen today.  I think saying it out-loud makes me sound insane. So I sing it out-loud instead. Yes. That's less insane. Right? I'm singing. I can't hear your answer. Seriously though...Guess what I made? Eeeee! I have to show you!! {Giggle. Giddy girl noises...}
I made 5 quarts of  beautiful Spiced Blueberry Vanilla Compote for pancakes and waffles. The big jars...because it's just pretty.
Yes, it's basically the Spiced Blueberry Amaretto Jam...but use vanilla bean paste and double the blueberries. I found some stinkin' huge blueberries the size of cherries yesterday for 1.50$ a pint. I loaded up. So far, I haven't raised my own blueberries yet. However...this stuff just turned out so pretty. It's gloriously pretty! 

I also made  my husband's two favorite salsas
Homemade Tomatillo Salsa, (9 pints)

And 14 pints of the  Roasted Tomato Fajita Salsa
 I had to test it with some of our homemade 9 Grain Tortillas. It was horrible. I don't think I'll share it with anyone. In fact...I'm hiding it right now. Bwhahaha. In all honesty, it's my favorite. 
In the middle of that I did two batches of the 
Peach Mango Jalapeno Jam. One batch is never ever enough. Ever. 
 If you've never made jam, my Jam Session Tutorial is pretty cool for seeing the steps. 
The final goodie for the day was 9  pints of  this beautiful Raspberry Spiced Poached Pear Jam. It's sugar free and totally beautiful. I haven't shared that recipe yet. 

Needless to say, by the end of the day, I was beat. However, I had proof as to why!

What is it about those jars all lined up in a row that makes me smile so much? I know what it is...I get to eat this stuff later!

There you go. Proof. Not that you need to praise me or anything. I'm totally validated by the choir of shiny jars on my kitchen table. However...if you have a favorite home canning recipe, I'd love to hear about it! We've got to keep our validation circle going! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Callie said...

So jealous of what you've accomplished in ONE day! You've been super busy and it's all yummy to boot :)

Carole said...

Great post. I am right into making my own jam.

Herbalpagan said...

I have to admit that I don't put my canning away very quickly...I line it up, make pyramids with it, shine up the jars and take pictures of it. Canning is the epitome of "doing it yourself" and it feel so great, you an't help but admire it!
Great job!

Cher' Shots said...

oh my goodness, it all looks so good!
'hugs from afar'

Mama Peck said...

Congratulations! They look beautiful. I know just how you feel.. back in the day when I would do bushels of fruit every autumn (nothing fancy- just bottled fruit) it was wonderfully fulfilling. I, too, would leave them on the counter just to admire them for a while. LOL And, have to admit, I really kinda hated to use any of it- they looked so pretty all lined up in my storage room.

Anonymous said...

I'm so there with you Sista. I line up my jars rearrange them a couple times and invite neighbors in just so they see what I've been up too. I think my family is over me telling them how pretty my canned (fill in the blank) is. I bet your feet were so happy at the end of the day when you finally sat down. Great job everything looks absolutely beautiful Robin in SoCal