Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Waffly-Cool Breakfast Sandwiches

 Here's a quick fun idea! We've been making waffle breakfast sandwiches. I usually make them with my Homemade 9 grain all-purpose baking Mix. They're a quick way to have whole grain on hand. While the waffles are cooking, you scramble the eggs and make your sandwhich fillings. My personal favorite is a smear of pesto on the inside of the sandwich with some garlic cream cheese and fresh garden tomatoes. They're just cool. Yes you can make them with pancakes too...but it isn't as zany-cool to tell pancakes jokes.
Yup. That's right. I haven't got a single pancake joke. They're all married.   Benjamin Franklin said it isn't polite to laugh at your own jokes. He obviously wasn't very funny.

Whenever we eat these sandwhices we also say as many lame waffle puns as we can. You know the ones? They're almost as good as my pancake jokes.
  • These sandwiches are waffle.
  • There's a waffle lot of cheese on this.
  • What's so waffle about this pun?
  • Mom is waffly cute and totally out of dad's league. Wait. That  one was yesterday's post.
  •'re just using the word "waffle" instead of "awful"...You're a dork mom.
  All I know is that these are a fun way to add some jokin' to your morning...or dinner. We've been known to have them for dinner as well.
Some personal favorites:
There you go. Make some Waffly-Cool Breakfast sandwiches! What's your favorite breakfast sandwich?

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Anonymous said...


Looks soooo good!!!


Unknown said...

Looks fantastic! I need a gluten free version! :)

Chef Tess said...

I have a great gluten free pancake/waffle recipe right here on the blog. Xoxo.