Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Top Tips for Cooking Solar...and a NEW Sun Oven from the maker's of Global Sun Ovens!

Have you ever seen a solar oven capable of baking 28 loaves of bread an hour and up to 1200 meals a day?! Well, I've been able to see one in action the last couple of days as well as spend some quality one-on-one time with Paul Munsen, owner and founder of Sun Oven International. These villager sun ovens are used in 55 countries around the world!

I built a Bigger Bolder Sun Oven...big enough for 12 loaves, but it was not nearly as efficient or amazing as the one that I'm standing next to here in the parking lot. 

  My first solar oven experience started many years ago with just a cardboard box...and it wasn't very efficient or built-to-last as the real sun oven I use now. I cried when Ace bought me a real solar oven. 

Solar Cooking Education in TV Segments became a big part of my heart. I'm so exited to see the looks on the faces of the kiddos and the adults!

Having trouble getting your solar baked bread just right? Here are my personal favorite 
 Tips for Baking Bread in a Solar Oven!

My Favorite Solar Baked Whole Grain Rye recipe is the next one you need to hear about. Rich, moist, and perfect for the solar oven. 

What do you do when you start cooking in the solar oven and the sun goes behind the clouds? I started Using The Solar Oven as a Heat Retention Cooking tool! It works outstandingly well!

People often think they have to live somewhere warm in order to use a solar oven. Here is my experience Using a Solar Oven In The Snow! 

 I can't even talk solar without sharing  My Favorite Solar cooked Dinner from the Garden (Mom's Zucchini Casserole)!

Ever wonder How to UseYour Sun Oven as a Slow Cooker?  

Last but not least on the cooking, I have to share My Sun-dried Tomato Pesto from the solar oven!

 Now onto The NEW All American Sun Oven!
Gregg was excited to see them...but not nearly as excited as I was!
 It is the most change that has happened in the design of the sun oven in the last 28 years!

Here are the features:

What features are unique to this new Sun Oven?

There you go!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Rebecca said...

I have had a solar oven for a couple years now, and I love it. Like any new thing, I was a little nervous to try it out and it took me a while to take the steps necessary... I opened the box and it sat on my table for a day, all the parts laid out. Then I put it out in the sun with a thermometer in it just to see how hot it got. (No food). Then, I added the food the next day. I threw in potatoes, carrots, and a small roast.

HOLY COW! 40 degrees outside and in March in Utah and it COOKED THE FOOD!! That was awesome.

I have never made bread in it yet (I avoid wheat), but I have made casseroles, meat dishes, etc. and even cooked two pans in it at once. (veggies and main course).

I love it. :)

Kate said...

I have been wanting a second Sun Oven, it looks like now is the time to buy one!