Friday, March 6, 2020

Chef Tess and the Culinary Channel

I can't even express how awesome it is to work with this remarkable man. Bill Rogers is the owner of Culinary-TV (48 million viewers nationwide on Warner Cable) and my producer over the last 18 months.  If you've missed me, it's because I have been completely distracted with this new direction in my life. 

As life would have it, things have been 100% busy with my job as Panhandle Milling's Corporate Chef...already. Add to that filming and you have one nutty life. I currently spend a good 2-3 weeks a month on the road either working with bakeries or filming with Culinary-TV. I have been guest hosting several segments every other month on my visits to Denver, Colorado as well as working on a huge upcoming project with them that will soon be announced on the Culinary Channel's Roku platform. So...I apologize if I haven't been as good at posting here as I have in the past, but I will definitely be doing more as this project comes to fruition. 

All I know is I have truly found a place where I feel appreciated, adored, respected and treated like an integral part of a team. Those of you who have been along for the journey, know all the work and heartbreak that have brought us to this point. I appreciate all the love and support that y'all continue to show me. Yes. I will probably be hiring an assistant to help with everything going on, but in the meantime, I will keep moving onward and upward! 

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess


Heather said...

That is great news! I have been wondering what you were up to. I will look forward to seeing it on Roku.

Unknown said...

WOW!! Congratulations!!


Chef Tess said...

Thank you! It's such a huge blessing!