Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sun Dial pottery designs on bread

Nothing says Fall like decorating the top of a sweet pumpkin walnut sourdough bread with a sun dial design. I just think they look rustic and earthy. In high school I used to call health food "earth biscuits". So, here's an earth biscuit for you all to love and enjoy.

Just before baking I wanted to show what this pumpkin bread looked like. It had little pieces of the fresh pumpkin peeking out of the dough along with some flax seed. Heavy with cinnamon, clove and ginger. Hints of vanilla and lavender. It was heavenly to behold.
I lightly mist the top of the bread with water and then top with cinnamon like so.
The secret? My colander. Pretty crazy huh? I set it on top of the bread and then put a thick layer of cinnamon right on the design. It sifts through to the top of the bread.
Empty out the remaining cinnamon in a dish. Lightly mist the top of the loaf with water again and then repeat with the colander, this time using white flour. Bake as usual. Use a small brush or knife to scrape away some of the flour. This will accentuate some of the lines after baking. What you will end up with after it bakes is this...
There you go.

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mlebagley said...

Wow! that is so pretty!